Producer Young Kilo’s Exclusive Look on the Hip-Hop Scene in Indianapolis

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The hip-hop scene in Indianapolis is thriving. There are new local artists emerging on a regular basis, and established artists are collaborating more than ever before. The city also has an abundance of talent from aspiring rappers, producers, and DJs. But the one thing that’s been missing is a prominent figure within the local scene who can bring it all together. That’s where producer Young Kilo comes in. He’s hoping to be that catalyst for the city’s hip-hop community by encouraging collaboration, bringing in industry professionals, and creating opportunities for artists of all skill levels to collaborate. In this interview, you’ll learn more about Young Kilo’s plans to grow the Indianapolis hip-hop scene while also providing insight into how he got his start as a producer.

Who is Young Kilo?

Young Kilo is a producer from the Midwest; Indianapolis, IN. He has worked with a lot of artists in the Industry such as Lil TJay, Trill Sammy, Philthy Rich, Fat Trel, Sada Baby, Lil Yase, Drego & Beno, BandGang Javar, BandGang Lonnie Bands, GT, Stunna Girl, Ice Burgandy & the list goes on.

What’s the biggest challenge for aspiring producers in Indy?

While Kilo loves the city’s thriving hip-hop scene, he says the biggest challenge facing producers in Indy is getting heard. Kilo says the city has “tons of open mics and tons of producers that want to make music, but not that many outlets for them to get it out there.” He adds, “There’s no radio station that plays local music.” He also added, “Trusting the process has been my biggest struggle”. Hoping it all works out is something Young Kilo has faith in, but with a song charting the Billboard Hot 100 at #27 and his songs having over 25+ million streams/views, there is no doubt that the process works.

Why does Young Kilo believe collaboration is so important in hip-hop?

Collaboration is one of the most crucial elements of the hip-hop genre. Kilo says that even though many artists are known for their solo work, they still love to collaborate with other artists. “Everybody wants to work with somebody,” he says.

How does Young Kilo think we can grow the local hip-hop scene?

Kilo hopes to grow the local hip-hop scene by providing valuable opportunities for artists of all skill levels to connect with one another. He believes there are a few ways that the local hip-hop scene can grow. The first thing that we need to do is to develop a stronger support system among artists in the city. The hip-hop community in Indianapolis is very much a “me first” type of scene. Everyone is trying to make it without helping others get there as well. We need to change that if we want the scene to grow. The second thing that we need to do is to bring in industry professionals to mentor and coach artists in the city. This will help to elevate the quality of the music being produced in the city. It will also help to build better relationships with record labels and artists that are currently making waves in the industry.

Young Kilo’s Goals

Kilo hopes his efforts to connect artists with one another will help grow the local hip-hop scene. He says, “Once people start working together, that’s when the magic happens.” The city’s hip-hop scene is experiencing a creative resurgence, and Kilo wants to ensure that Indianapolis’s local artists are given the opportunities they deserve. He hopes that by bridging the gap between the city’s aspiring artists and those who are already established, he’ll be able to create a thriving, collaborative ecosystem that will benefit everyone. To follow Young Kilo and learn more about his production process, follow him on social media below.

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