Indy Entrepreneur Shay McCoy’s Social Media Spotlight

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In a recent episode of “Conversation Piece,” host Patrick Armstrong sat down with Shay McCoy, the creative force behind “City of Shay” and “Socials of Shay.” McCoy, an Iowa native who moved to Indianapolis for her master’s in museum studies, has transformed her passion for the city into a thriving business.

After struggling to find work in her field, McCoy turned to social media to highlight Indianapolis’s offerings for young professionals. “I kept hearing people be like, ‘Oh, it’s so boring. I hate it here,'” McCoy recalled. “I felt that way about Iowa. But I get like being from somewhere and not liking it, but I also get being from not somewhere and falling in love with it.”

What began as a hobby soon evolved into a full-time enterprise. Today, “City of Shay” serves as a comprehensive local lifestyle guide, while “Socials of Shay” offers social media management services to businesses.

During the interview, McCoy candidly discussed her transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship. She touched on the challenges of time management and maintaining work-life balance, emphasizing the crucial role her support system has played in her success. McCoy particularly credited her boyfriend and professional network for recognizing her potential and providing valuable opportunities.

McCoy’s approach to content creation involves extensive research and a genuine enthusiasm for local businesses and events. She positions herself as a city guide rather than a traditional influencer, aiming to provide authentic, valuable information to her audience. “I want it to be like Visit Indy, Indy Today, me. Instead of like, Carmel Blogger, Westfield Blogger, or me,” McCoy explained.

The episode featured a rapid-fire segment where McCoy shared her favorite Indianapolis spots, from parks and restaurants to hiking trails. This segment underscored her deep knowledge of the city and her passion for local exploration.

For newcomers to Indianapolis, McCoy offered advice on connecting with the city, suggesting involvement in professional networks and local clubs and events. She emphasized the city’s unique appeal, stating, “I always say this to Ana, it’s like, small enough there’s always something to do, but big enough that it’s not overwhelming.”

Throughout the conversation, McCoy’s love for Indianapolis was palpable. Her journey from graduate student to successful entrepreneur serves as an inspiring example of how passion and dedication can turn a hobby into a fulfilling career while simultaneously benefiting the local community.

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