We are here to give you all the latest news from the music industry

We are here to give you all the latest news from the music industry

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Tyce Treadway
Tyce Treadway is a business change-maker, speaker, entrepreneur, and writer. Tyce has worked with some of the most influential people in his field and built an extensive resume. Now he spearheads marketing at TopView.
Kelsey Adams
Kelsey Adams is an Exercise Physiologist. Her expertise in exercise physiology with a love of sports and a gift for writing brings a unique perspective to her style of coverage. She feels that sports brings community, culture, entertainment, and conversation all things she hopes to capture in her storytelling.
Airika Lewis
Airika Lewis is a long-time writer for TopView and specializes in entertainment writing. When she's not writing, you can find her outside in Indianapolis living it up with her friends and family. She has a long history of storytelling, something that holds true in her writing.
Bailey Jackson
Bailey Jackson is a skilled sports writer and storyteller with experience in Marketing and Sports Broadcasting with The Big Ten Network and Quality Control Sports. Bailey has built a substantial social media following with her captivating content and unique perspective on sports, thanks in part to her interview series that offers exclusive access to professional athletics.
Iman Tucker
Based out of Indianapolis, IN, Iman “IMN. TCKR” Tucker began his DJ journey back in 2016. Since then, he has performed on behalf of the some of the world’s biggest brands; NBA, NFL, Nike, concerts, and some of the largest faith-based events.