Perspective on Attachment by Kanii – Official Music Video

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Who is Kanii and what is “Attachment”?

Kanii Drops the visuals to his viral single “Attachment”. Racking up close to 6 million plays on Spotify and YouTube. Kanii also found success on TikTok, with 63,000 users creating videos using the sound, racking up millions of views. Kanii’s single “Attachment” has also been featured on Spotify’s “Internet People” editorial playlist as well.

The Visual Review

The visual is endearing and is a perfect match to the song. Over 75% of the video was shot in a white studio allowing the special effects and overlays to do a majority of the work. It was shot by director Tommy Kiljoy, known for his vintage and uniquely creative style. Tommy Kiljoy has also worked with other hot TikTok songs like “Romantic Homicide” by d4vd. While I loved the style and overall themes of the video, I just can’t help myself wanting more story and shots of Kanii expressing emotion within the video. The visual effects were incredible and the editing was very well executed, but I feel like there could have been more.

Overall, I enjoyed the video and the song. It was a great way to remain in the spotlight for Kanii and get some great visuals to go with his song. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Kanii. Watch the video above. You can also stream the song on Apple Music or Spotify using the links below.

We look forward to more from Kanii.

Attachment by: Kanii


Apple Music


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