Yvng Ev’s Moving New Release, “Chasing Stars”

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Everyone has a dream. For alternative hip-hop artist Yvng Ev, his dream is to further his career in the music industry. After releasing several tracks this year and last year, the New York-based artist has just released another track with a brand new sound called “Chasing Stars.” Listen to it above! Read on to find out more about Yvng Ev and his new song.

Who is Yvng Ev?

Yvng Ev, whose real name is Everton Schrouter, is a young alternative hip-hop artist from New York. Since releasing his first song to music platforms in 2017, he’s released several tracks. Although, it wasn’t until recently that his career took off, at the start of the pandemic Yvng Ev started TikTok, and although success wasn’t instant he worked hard at it finding himself today at over 100k likes, more than a million views, and over 11,000 followers. This partnered with his over 13,000 followers on Instagram has built Yvng Ev a strong fan base. Not to mention the countless collaborations with other rising artists like Yung Pleit and Joaquin García that have interested new listeners in Yvng Ev sound. Eventually, Yvng Ev began finding himself in the offices of major labels and talking with A&R representatives about potential deals. Although no deals have been struck yet, he has begun partnering with long-time music executive Jacob Ungerman to help push his career along.

New Track: “Chasing Stars”

“Chasing Stars” is a track that evokes many emotions. Starting with samples and heavily modulated voices, a style Yvng Ev is known to draw listeners in with. Yvng Ev begins rapping about chasing your dreams, pursuing your goals, and reaching the fullest potential of your capabilities. The strong synths throughout the song remind you of the beautiful heavenly vibes Yvng Ev is trying to bring in. He continues by acknowledging the ups and downs of life but reminds listeners that they must keep pushing through no matter what. The title of the song is a reference to the track’s lyrical content. Yvng Ev wants to encourage his listeners to chase their dreams and not let other people discourage them. It’s his first track after his EP with collaborator Yung Pleit and leaves listeners wondering if a project of his own is to come next.

The Meaning Behind “Chasing Stars”

Yvng Ev believes that his song ‘Chasing Stars’ connects with him on a personal level and that his listeners will be able to connect with it in the same way. He anticipates that ‘one day the world will understand how beautiful my music is.’ He is working hard to achieve stardom so that he can share his music with the world

Track Review

The track opens with distracting vocals, followed by an intricate but beautiful synth. Yvng Ev’s vocals are soft and calm, as he raps about chasing his dreams. His verses are soulful and laid-back, but they also have an edge of urgency and determination. Yvng Ev writes in a later post, “freestyled this song from my heart.”A feat incredibly impressive for such a young artist with a song that has so much detail. Yvng Ev’s soft vocals blend well with the melody, while his faster verses add a layer of rhythm and a subtle edge. Chasing Stars is truly another edition of what Yvng Ev calls “Beautiful Music” and is a song that will make you want to chase your dreams and feel inspired.


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