The Insider Secrets of 24K, Smash Hit Producer from Indiana

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Brendan Baar, the artist known as 24K, has been involved in hip-hop and rap music all his life. After graduating from IU, Brendan Baar worked as a sound engineer at different studios in Indianapolis, recording hit songs and working with local artists. He co-founded Outer Limits, an independent label.

Working with and managing new artists prompted 24k to begin recording songs with other rappers and producers. As a result, he learned audio mixing and mastering techniques, and he collaborated on various songs with other artists. These connections led him to discover what he needed to succeed as a producer. From Indianapolis, IN, it wasn’t an easy task to become a successful Rap/Hip Hop Producer, but he has some suggestions for how it might be accomplished.

How did 24K become a rap/hip-hop producer?

Growing up in Indianapolis, Brendan was immersed in the culture of hip-hop. That musical style was prominent in Indianapolis where he was living at the time. That was the first time Brendan had heard anything like it. With the rise of the internet, he was able to hear more and more music. He was drawn to the diversity of the culture and the ability of artists to create their own sound. There was no limit to the type of artist you could be as a rapper. That’s why 24k chose the genre, the wide range of work would allow him to create different styles of music and allow him to focus on good production.

What’s 24K’s advice for aspiring producers?

“The best advice I can give aspiring producers is to listen to as much music as you can.”

24k said, “The goal should be to try to understand why a song is working; why it’s catchy or not. Once you understand those concepts, you can bring your own spin to a beat and make it your own.”

What’s the biggest struggle for up-and-coming producers?

According to 24K, producers and businesses in music are in trouble because they ‘are attempting to make big investments or collaborations with individuals who are uninterested in the industry and don’t comprehend the business behind it.’ Since there are millions of people making music, only the tiniest fraction of people can make a living or even a company from it. If you’re an up-and-coming producer and you can work with individuals who are willing to make business deals and grasp the industry, you’re more likely to succeed.

What’s 24K’s greatest accomplishment?

Having over 300 songs produced with various artists is one of 24K’s greatest achievements, according to 24K. Only a few years ago, he didn’t think he’d be able to produce over 300 songs, but right now, that’s one of his greatest accomplishments. In the past, 24K has worked with artists from all over the world, as well as OCC Taee, Taylor Hall, FABO x, and other prominent Indianapolis artists. He has gotten millions of streams on Spotify and other sites from the hundreds of tracks he has collaborated on.

How do we find more 24K?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to him on Instagram @24ktracks. If you want to check out some of the music created by 24k, head on over to his labels page @outerlimitsu on Instagram. You can also check out his latest song with Indianapolis artist Taylor Hall “LA Nights” on Spotify or Apple Music here.


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