Taylor Hall’s Vulnerable Performance Makes the Spotlight

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A gentle spring breeze and the faint music from soundcheck confirmed the

weekend had arrived in Fountain Square. Regulars crawled the area, ready to lighten the

week they had with drinks and live music. HIFI Annex, known for its frequent live

shows, was finally open for the season. There was no better way to celebrate than by having

Ovrslept, Moon Goons, and Taylor Hall officially kick off the pregame to summer. Moon

Goons, dressed in all-white jumpsuits, raised the crowd’s energy as the open lot venue

started to fill in. Guitar riffs and drum solos punched the air while Taylor strummed her

last few practice chords. Their set came to a close and friends crowded the stage in

support once they recognized she was next up. With phones in one hand and tequila

sunrises in the other, the front row awaited that fuzzy feeling everyone gets when Taylor

unloads her inner thoughts on stage. The sun peeked through the clouds, trying to get a

glimpse of the LA-based singer as she strolled on stage with her band. A collective

“YEAH TAY!” rang out from the pit, 24k adjusted his guitar strap, and the singer

observed the crowd with an ‘it’s good to be home’ gaze. It was show time.

Taylor’s signature harmony announced her return as the band floated through the

first song. After HIFI’s growing crowd welcomed her with open arms, she introduced

herself and updated regular supporters on life in California. The carefree creator told us

about her ever-growing inspiration and an exciting venture into acting. After playing the

first song she ever released, “I Can’t Breathe” written by her father during the unfortunate

passing of George Floyd, she dedicated the next song to her dad with a beautiful cover of

“Riptide” — a Taylor Hall show ritual. It was her newly released single Lonely Again

that left new listeners scrambling to search Taylor Hall on Spotify to sing their hearts out

on the car ride home. With lyrics that should be shouted, the singer grabbed everyone’s

heartstrings and played a reassuring melody stating that we’ve all been there before. The

crowd swayed in unison to the most popular Unfolding, sharing the same ‘it’s gonna be

okay’ emotion everyone got when it first dropped almost a year ago. The artist also

previewed new music, received warmly from the entire venue.

Taylor has a way of recalibrating a crowd, reminding them that they are right

here, right now. Her honesty is motivating and makes one feel heard. Regardless of music

taste, a set from Taylor will leave you wanting to smile, dance, and cry happy tears all at

once. I always say if it makes you feel something, it’s art. You can’t really mark the exact

moment that feeling comes over you. Maybe it’s 24k’s chords, maybe it’s the sunny girl

smiling back as you harmonize with her from the crowd, or it could even be the lyrics

resonating with your soul. Maybe it’s all unfolding at once.


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