Exclusive Look at Bronny’s Killer 18th Birthday With Travis Scott

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It’s definitely worth celebrating when someone turns 18, and that’s exactly what LeBron James’ son Bronny did for his party. As a Los Angeles Lakers star, James invited none other than Travis Scott.

Scott, who is a popular rapper, performed for the guests at Bronny’s party. He even brought out other artists, SoFaygo and Dwhite, as special guests.

Travis performed songs like “Goosebumps” and “Sicko Mode” and SoFaygo performed hits like “Knock Knock”. Notable attendees include Lebron and Vanessa James, Adin Ross, AMP, Chase B, and more.

Bronny’s party was just one of many this weekend. Earlier in the week, Scott also performed at the Faze TwitchCon afterparty in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by the recently IPO’d gaming company Faze Clan.

Scott is an avid basketball fan and he is often spotted courtside at many NBA events throughout the season. Scott said that he had a lot in common with Bronny and that they bonded over sports, so this collaboration between the two is not surprising.


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