4200Kory Tells An Eastside Story On Debut Album

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Based On A True Story

In today’s times, it’s cool to brag and portray a certain lifestyle to the public while suffering in silence. Many upcoming artist believe this route is the way to get noticed the quickest, creating art that they think everyone would want to hear. Indianapolis’ melting pot of cultures gives a variety to the “Naptown Sound” that outsiders can’t seem to put their finger on. Our reputation is instead talked down upon, claiming there’s nothing here but corn and corny people. It’s not often that the city is displayed in a positive light due to these boring assumptions. 4200Kory decided to tell it like it is.

On his debut album “Hold On 4 Dear Life” he displays a different type of experience; The real highs and lows of living in the underrated city of Indianapolis, IN. It took a special type of attention to detail to tell his story correctly. This project is intertwined with 4200Kory’s solo therapy sessions, climatic skits and KAO’s ethereal vocals. In a movie‑like format, “Hold On 4 Dear Life” is ready to give an auditory response to the ignorant comments.

Opening Act

The 14 track LP opens with an angry voicemail determined to break his spirit, and they have no choice but to fall in line compared to what 42K is up against daily. With reflective lyrics describing everything he’s faced in his life, it’s clear his priorities are different from the average Indiana resident. Having no direction to go but up, Kory has finally found his purpose and refuses to stoop to the low level of his missed phone call. “God Body” rocks immediately after emphasizing his confidence in his earned mindset. The continuous title chant uplifts he and his squad to refocus everyone to the task at hand.

Title track “HO4DL” shows the artist is still human after all. The cards 42K has been dealt can take a toll on anyone and he isn’t afraid to be vulnerable on the subject. Slum Baby Family’s KAO assists with the emotional picture the chorus paints as listeners relate to the hard times. The track serves as a reminder that he will not become a product of his environment and will instead use it as his main motivation to hold on. Exhausted from a relationship that distracted him from the bigger picture, he lets go on “Sense of Urgency”. Kory refuses to waste anymore energy on something that starts hurting more than it is helping his situation.

The Build Up

42K isn’t about to sugar coat the fact that it’s a cold world. The pastor’s monologue at the end of “Leave You Where You Stand” follows up Kory’s description of his side of town. Forgetting his image upkeep, Pastor loses patience when asked about the city’s peak murder rate. He voices an accurate representation of all our frustrations when it comes to the senseless acts of violence that happen way too often. The following track “Flaws” captures how it really is in the trenches over a head knocking, slow burn production. Paranoia, lack of resources and very few role models is not a recipe for success in this city. Kory has full transparency on why his community has fallen into an environment where the odds are stacked against them. For some, it’s hard to steer clear of the seemingly endless cycle and one has to make an extra effort to rise above it. This is displayed in the grit in his voice on “DOA” while “Nobody Knows” speaks on the unpredictability of life.

The Final Act

“Survive / Protection” gives listeners a front-row seat to a traumatic scene of what unfortunately happens just about every day in this city. The second half of the song acts as that numbing feeling of processing said surroundings. The production paints a stoic picture of one trying to wrap their head around why this keeps happening. Kory has seen many times that life can be over in a split second and explains grief on the Eastside as an eye-opening, helpless but familiar feeling.

End credits “Losses” charges it to the game and yearn for a change. Moving forward isn’t always an attempt to forget about your past. In fact, the artist is still in the middle of trying to figure out how it can never be repeated again. While there are heartless acts being committed all around him, 42K reminds us that everyone there is human too. Becoming a voice for the trenches, 4200Kory pledges to be the change he wants to see in his community. Until then, the raw truth is forever immortalized in this spine‑chilling work of art.

Hold On 4 Dear Life is available on all streaming platforms.


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