3VM Answers The Public on Album “Where’s 3?”

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Album Review

“Where’s 3?” entered the world on May 20th. With 12 tracks including a skit, a bonus track and sitting just under 30 minutes — this project definitely packs a punch. With production features from Esspei, Mathaius Young, KEN6TEEN and E. White, we have a realistic walk through on an average night in 3VM’s life.

3’s Choices

3 jumpstarted the album’s promo run in late January by dropping his first single off the project “Choose One” and premiering the visual on Lyrical Lemonade, going off the grid where his earth toned wardrobe matched his set for the day. @alexkrear99 and @shotsbynate captured the artist reflecting on life. The song states all of his options, but he seems content with the variety. The artist instead gives the listeners the ultimatum, “Like it or leave it”. 3 acknowledges his flaws and refuses to be judged by someone who doesn’t understand his lifestyle.

The Pregame

Esspei’s production starts bumping immediately after on “Chicago2Detroit”. 3VM loses patience and has to remind everyone what he’s about. The track is a quick backhand to beta males who sweat the small stuff and lets them know he’s on a different level that they will never reach in their lifetime. It is clear that he has zero tolerance for relationships that doesn’t benefit him.

3 takes a break from telling lames about themselves and blows off steam with a chill turn up “LiqNmyBody”. He floats on Mathaius Young’s cyber space production as he displays his big dog energy to a lucky lady.

The Turn Up

The chill pregame leads into the most turnt track on the project, “Blackin’ Out”. The Liq in his body has finally hit and he’s in his talking shit phase of the night. Mathias Young is responsible for the lit four count that everyone wants to hear in the club this summer when the Liq sets in. The visual pays homage to his viral “When the liquor hits” TikToks and captures the dizzy euphoria of a fun turn up while showing 3 lit in real life.

The After Party

Star track “Just Like Me” beams after SoundCloud 3 with a catchy confidence. 3VM sheds light on a lighthearted ‘toxic’ relationship with playful bars that highlight similarities between him and his love interest. 3 plays on the fact that their dynamic excites him, admits he knows about her antics and doesn’t care since he’s on the same type of time. “Just Like Me” is followed up by a realistic phone call skit, giving us insight on his daily complications. 3VM lets us know his preference and reiterates his priorities in real time.

The Epiphany

KEN6TEEN’s production on “Sleep Walkin’” walks us through the aftermath with reflective strings and a dreamy arrangement matching 3’s meditative thoughts.

3VM’s gains consciousness on himself and remembers who he is. Regardless of the setbacks, 3 is aware of his faults but chooses to focus on the task at hand. With a durable confidence, he spits over E. White’s beat on “Unstoppable” with honest bars.


The public can often mistake a lit artist with fun club nights, studio sessions and fans. 3VM created a cohesive auditory documentary on his struggle by shedding light on a different side of the artist lifestyle. 3VM showcased a realistic template of what comes with being known in your own city. When everyone thinks they know you, based off socials, it can get tricky deciphering the real and the fake. It’s just a matter of who’s worth bringing along for the ride.

Where’s 3? is available on all streaming platforms.


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