KoolKidKalvo Shows Love From Overseas

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Motion Across The Ocean

Kalvo has quietly been having a good year, releasing EPs “Willie Beamen” and “For The Homies” before he jetted off for a few shows in Cali. This was only a warm-up for the Indianapolis native, as he had an international tour date approaching soon. Come mid‑June, his bags would be packed and StillCanon’s camera would be rolling non‑stop while they navigated the streets of Manchester, London and Paris. Kalvo didn’t disappoint, giving fans back home a taste of his overseas lifestyle in real time on his social media. From food reviews and radio shows to music videos and sold-out shows, everyone felt as if they took a trip to the UK with the kid.

Fresh off his European tour, KoolKidKalvo dropped the smooth 9‑piece “Ballin Overseas” on us before he returned to the States.

Live From Manchester

Staring out a plane window as he crosses the pond, the intro “Clearing Customs” shows a humble pride in how far he’s come. Knowing he still has a long way to go, Kalvo drops some game on his 12‑hour flight until his smooth touchdown in Manchester.

Landing in the UK is surreal but he’s grateful for everything that got him there. After his lit first show, “Live in Manchester” the visual shows the cool down with a late night stroll, kool kid style. Kalvo and @stillcanon roam the streets with not a soul in sight while he raps about his new carefree mindset.

KoolKids in Paris

The “Ballin Overseas” visual is a sunny comparison to the previous track. @developedminds and @dvmetfm production floats in the background while Kalvo stunts in front of the Eiffel Tower.

“Ain’t shit changed but the address”

“Couple Pounds” comes alive, sharing his well-deserved accomplishments. His earned lifestyle is refining his taste, but he’ll never forget where he came from. Experimental jam “Roaming Charges” shows a mature decision he’s made for himself and a potential love interest, refusing any distractions. On “Baguette”, Kalvo shows high expectations of himself, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The artist comes full circle on “Back To America” riding his UK high as he returns home.

Worldwide Kalvo

This project shows that Kalvo is still the same dude and “Ain’t shit changed but the address”. Never satisfied, his international tour was just a stepping stone to his success and he’s back with a refreshed perspective on the task at hand. A lavish lifestyle isn’t everything if he can’t enjoy it with his people. Keeping his head down has yielded high results and he deserves to reap the benefits.

Continuing his organic career, it’s hard not to root for the kid in his international endeavors. If you disagree, you can keep hating — from the couch.

“Ballin Overseas” is available now on all streaming platforms.


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