Amari Noelle Redefines Apple Music

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Welcome To Amari’s World

Hailing from Gary, IN, the artist was known around her city for making other people’s visions come to life. Little did we know she had her own story to share and there was so much more to the surface. To the majority, it came as a surprise when Amari Noelle revealed her hidden talent to the public. Ready for a fresh start, Amari emerged onto the R&B scene sporting her signature braids, an iPhone and a pair of wired Apple EarPods in hand. Resourceful to say the least, the artist found a way to put down her vocals from anywhere in the world by recording on her iPhone. And she’s been doing just that. Amari coined the term “Amari Phone” on social media to describe her creative process. From her vlog‑style content to the frequent studio sessions, the artist opens up her world to us as she navigates the world as a new artist. It seems as if her career is moving fast, giving us glimpses of all the new places and faces she’s experiencing in real time.

Teaming up with @lvtrkevin to jump-start her career and visually document everything, Amari’s takeoff has been the most fascinating and inspiring journey yet. “Amari SZN 1” is her introductory project, bringing back the real emotions that come with love, seeming as if they’re documented in real-time. This is only the start for the Lover Girl as she’s quickly gained attention and support from all over. As her following and streams grew, so did the project, adding 4 songs monthly until she finally settled on 16 smooth tracks.

“Amari SZN 1”

The singer‑songwriter came in hot with the first 4 tracks. Rightfully so, she drops visuals to every single song. Her music is so cinematic, every song captures all aspects of love and feels like a slo‑mo dance scene in a movie. Intro “Hyatt” embraces her current mindset while “Starting Something” gives a soulful proposal to a potential lover. Embracing her nickname “Lover Girl” shows why she’s the perfect counterpart to a lucky girl with catchy vocals. Gaining a little bit of liquid courage “Drinks On Me” is the song everyone wants to hear at the function, creating the perfect ice breaker.

Automatic Monthly Updates

After the warm reception to her debut, she decided to add 4 more tracks just a month later, updating us on her current mindset. Creating the song of the summer, “Motion” continues the cinematic love saga, setting the tone with a sunset drive vibe. After the sun sets, “”I Want You” paints the Lover Girl as impatient, shooting her shot. Stating the obvious, it’s clear that the tension in the air will no longer be ignored. Reminiscent of those late nights “Heartfelt Evenings” provides flashbacks where the two didn’t hold back while “Easy” proves that they’re definitely unforgettable.

Performance Improvements

Summer’s got Amari Noelle in her bag. Her third monthly update comes alive with star track “Freaks” setting the tone. Upping the tempo, Amari shows her versatility in her production choices and flow. With a fresh head of braids and a fly outfit, Amari comes out of her shell on the visual showcasing the player pool party summer anthem. Her new lifestyle is coming fast, and our Lover Girl always takes time to reflect. Way too smart to fall for it, she’s fully aware that some may just want her for the image on “Green In Her Eyes”. Thoughts spiraling on “Life”, she goes deeper and we’re exposed to more than just her love life. Even though her online personality can seem larger than life, Amari’s still human after all. She shakes off her pain and gets back to the present on “Blue Lights”, serenading her current muse.

Final Improvements

Jetting across the country, Amari takes no breaks and provides the final installment of “Amari SZN 1”. With content and talent at an all time high, the singer closes out with some of the best songs on the project. “Mood (Say My Name)” and “Unusual” are no‑brainers when adding songs to a playlist for your boo. It all comes together on “Glow”. Sounding like the outro song of her future concerts, one can picture thousands of phone flashlights waving back at her while she thanks the crowd for rocking with her. Feeling alive on “Choose Luv”, she recognizes her personality can attract a lot of situations that can go either way. Just because people treat you a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to change who you are. Vowing to never lose herself, she chooses to shine brighter than ever, regardless of the outcome.

Star Potential

Supporters feel closer than ever to her as this era comes to an end. Doing everything right, Amari Noelle has one of the best debuts I’ve seen in a while. It’s crazy that she had all this talent hidden from us. Bearing it all to the world, Amari makes up for it by sharing her trips, fittings, and behind-the-scenes with us in real time. Planting an earworm with addictive vocals and sensual beats, every song she makes is a hit. Consistency and creativity are unmatched and undoubtedly the success formula of a superstar. Her transition into music is now being watched by the world with love from her city to back her up. As she continues her journey, her authenticity will open tons of doors for her. There is no doubt in my mind that she was born to do this.

Amari SZN 1 is available on all streaming platforms.


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