The Good Boy Manifests A Good Summer

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It’s a Good Summer, Most Won’t Know

Sometimes, time off does good for the soul. After an overwhelming response from his core circle, The Good Boy blessed us with the project of the summer. Welcoming his third project and an accurate recap of his life, ‘Good Summer’ was in our hands in mid‑July catering to his entire fanbase with R&B, rap, dancehall, and carefree SoundCloud vibes in a little over 30 minutes. These 12 tracks are wrapped in transparency, artist risk, and growth.

The Return

The tape opens with “Good Summer”, a catch-up on The Good Boy’s life post-grad. Faced with adversity from the real world, he shocks peers with the new role he’s taken on in just the third bar. The artist explains his absence and manifests better luck this season. The second track “Dogsh!t” entices the crowd in a ‘let me get my shit off first’ fashion, proving The Good Boy just stepped back but never fell off.

Star track “Crash & Burn” beams immediately after, transporting us to the summer vacation of our dreams. The second single from the tape easily claims the title of 219’s dancehall hit and seems as if it’s a direct pull from The Good Boy’s summer vision board. The lighthearted summer anthem should rightfully be played at a pool party, with a drink in hand and hips swaying. The following track “219 Luv” is sonically one of my favorites, complete with a “Race My Mind” sample and incredible Drake transition. Catering to his female audience that loves a good slow jam, The Good Boy awaits a response from the voiceover that tries to get in touch with the artist, asking where he’s been.

All In

The Good Boy slowly picks up the pace on “Free Wunna Freestyle” with one of his infamous freestyles, a spin on his version of the popular artist’s flow. Finally getting a hold of him, the ending voiceover presses on, stating the public’s inaccurate assumptions on the artist. Next track “Elden Lord” hands over a digital racing, summer feeling production while finally giving a statement to the public that he’s back and there’s nothing to worry about. He’s 100% in. This track firmly inserts his true song of the summer, providing an accurate auditory representation of the sunny season.

Giving The People What They Want

The seventh track “Trackhawk!” was our first glimpse at the tape, paying homage to his college homecoming functions. Adding to the summer vibe, he provides something for the girls to dance to. Fan favorite “Dashing Cody Rhodes” spoils his fanbase with cocky bars. This song boasts a transition, giving us room to breathe before he hits us with even more Instagram caption quotables. Tired of the bullshit, The Good Boy solidifies his name in the game as a rapper.

The SoundCloud bop “Fantasy Draft” comes in after with an assist from Young Legacy, verifying his versatility and speaking on his comeback. The tape then cools down with a smooth interlude “Just Another Love Song Interlude” as he touches on the unpredictability of jealous friends and his realistic love life. 2019 SoundCloud leak follows up with “Say Goodbye” as it glazes over the tape with a pre‑outro. The real outro “Shake The Feeling” provides a slow, earth-shaking production. Bringing the listener back to reality after listening to The Good Boy’s hardships.

The Good Recap

This tape felt like friends catching up on a FaceTime call with a sneak peek into what the artist has been up to lately. The Good Boy reiterates that time off can be good while the tape gives off experimental vibes. A well-thought-out tracklist is always underrated and ‘Good Summer’ proves that this isn’t just a tape to find your favorites. A full spin to The Good Boy’s summer manifestations is a must, painting us all good luck on our future endeavors.

Good Summer is available now on all streaming platforms.


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