Peter Ngqibs: A New Odyssey of Self-Discovery – “WDYS?”

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In a world that often bombards us with external noise, Peter Ngqibs beckons us to journey within. A rising luminary in the music scene, Ngqibs is poised to cast a mesmerizing spell with his forthcoming album, “WDYS?” (What Do You See?). Six years since his debut masterpiece, he returns with a deeply introspective work, slated for release on November 3rd, 2023. With acclaimed producer Gavin Bradley at the helm, “WDYS?” is poised to be a transformative musical adventure.

Discovering the Inner Self

“WDYS?” delves into the uncharted depths of self-reflection. In a world fixated on external validation, Ngqibs urges us to hit the pause button and ponder the most essential relationship we possess—the one with ourselves. Through a harmonious marriage of enthralling melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, Peter Ngqibs embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery, posing the age-old question: “What do you see when you look at yourself?”

Ngqibs’ personal evolution is intricately intertwined with his devotion to yoga and meditation, guiding his growth and enriching his artistry. This album marks his reentry into the limelight, six years after his debut that included the chart-topping hit “Broken,” a track that etched its name into the UK Commercial Pop Club charts’ top 30 in 2017. Throughout his career, Ngqibs has graced the stages of prestigious festivals and iconic venues across the globe, including the Smoking Dragon Festival in South Africa, Brooklyn Pride, The Bowery Electric, and The Bitter End in New York.

Collaborations That Elevate

“WDYS?” is not just a musical endeavor; it’s a milestone in Ngqibs’ career, featuring remarkable collaborations with renowned artists like Moonchild Sanelly and Kyle Deutsch. Moonchild Sanelly, celebrated for her distinctive genre, Future Ghetto Funk, and noted for her work with industry giants like Diplo, Beyonce, Gorillaz, and Die Antwoord, lends her unparalleled voice and style to this exceptional project. Kyle Deutsch, whose ascent to stardom began with a Top 5 placement on SA Idols and a string of hit songs, adds his remarkable talent to the album’s rich tapestry.

The synergy between Peter Ngqibs and Moonchild Sanelly began in 2018 after her captivating performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Their creative spark shines brilliantly on their collaborative single, “Sweety,” accompanied by a visually delightful music video.

Themes That Resonate

“WDYS?” is not just an album; it’s a journey through the corridors of rejection, life, death, and the latent potential within each of us to mold the lives we desire by reevaluating our self-perceptions.

The album’s cover art is a commissioned mixed-medium masterpiece by the gifted artist Robert Olazagasti. This evocative 3ft x 3ft work is rich in symbolism, vividly bringing the album’s songs to life and setting the stage for a captivating visual experience.

The first music video from “WDYS?” was filmed in Johannesburg by the multi-award-winning videographer, Kyle White, further enhancing the visual storytelling of the project.

Mark Your Calendar

“WDYS?” will hit the digital airwaves on November 3rd, 2023, available for streaming and download on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Peter Ngqibs extends a heartfelt invitation to music enthusiasts and those on a quest of self-discovery to plunge into the transformative experience of “WDYS?”

13 Tracks, Boundless Creativity

“WDYS?” promises listeners a compelling journey through 13 tracks of artistry, revealing great production and an expansive vocal and elemental range. For a tantalizing taste, don’t miss the soul-stirring “i miss you.”

Prepare to be spellbound by Peter Ngqibs’ exploration of self, wrapped in the sonorous embrace of “WDYS?,” an album that transcends the boundaries of music, delivering an introspective odyssey of sound and self-discovery.


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