Digilogue Days Brooklyn, New York Music and Tech Conference Recap

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Digilogue Days, a two-day Music & Tech Conference held in the heart of Brooklyn, New York on October 12th-13th, proved to be an exceptional gathering for music executives, artists, creatives, students, and aspiring professionals. Organized by The Digilogue, this event brought together a vibrant community of music enthusiasts eager to delve deeper into the industry’s evolving landscape.

The atmosphere at Digilogue Days was electric, making it an incredibly enjoyable experience for attendees. The event was abuzz with excitement and offered something for everyone.

Notably, the conference attracted numerous industry-heavy hitters, making it an ideal platform for networking and gaining insights into the music and tech sectors. The presence of these key players added depth and value to the event, providing unique opportunities for attendees.

The heart of the conference was its inspirational panels. These panels tackled a wide range of topics, from discussions on mental health to exploring the future of music and music technology. Additionally, there were in-depth insights into the globalization of music, which is a hot topic in the evolving music industry.

The event’s success was in part due to the exceptional moderators and event staff. Their professionalism and organization ensured that the activities flowed smoothly, and the audience remained engaged and informed throughout the conference.

The opportunities for content creation were abundant. Two dedicated photographers were on hand to capture headshots and artist photos, while content creators provided free materials to boost artists’ online presence. Vendors, including well-known names like Too Lost Distribution and United Masters, were also present, offering their services and products to the attendees.

With various food options within walking distance, attendees were well-fed and could take a break from the action to recharge before diving back into the conference’s offerings.

Whether you were in the music industry or an emerging artist, Digilogue Days provided an excellent platform to connect, learn, and network with like-minded individuals. It was a valuable opportunity for emerging artists to gain exposure and make connections, and for industry professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and network with peers.


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