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Not often in the world of sports do you find an athlete so dedicated to their craft they are willing to do anything for it. When I first met Jalen Hooks in 2019 there was something special about that kid. He not only played basketball, but all he could think about was basketball. The drive not just physically but mentally that this kid has to play basketball is unique.

Jalen Hooks is a 6’8 small forward from the class of 2023. Ranked 55th by 24/7 sports and 73rd by Rivals, Hooks is not a force to be messed with. Currently, a 4-star recruit he has picked up offers from big D1 schools like Xavier, Georgia, Illinois, and many more. Jalen has also been contacted by many schools including Kentucky, Kansas, Purdue, Indiana, and many more.

Hooks recruitment process isn’t over yet heading into his junior year at Crispus Attucks High School he is sure to make a statement and gain some more offers along the way. Hooks explains his goal has always been to win a state championship and believes Crispus Attucks can help him achieve that. Hooks transferred to Attucks after his freshman year at Franklin Central and it has not been an easy path to achieve his goals. Achieving MaxPreps All American honors, getting invited to Pangos All American Camp, and winning many tournaments and championship games along the way

Jalen Hooks is a unique individual. His physical and mental toughness is admirable. Hooks is truly one of those players that brings the excitement back to the game. Follow Jalen Hooks and his journey on Instagram @jhooks4x and on Twitter @jhooks1414


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