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Can I vent a little?
Music With No Filter

There’s no doubt that music appeals to our senses. Have you ever heard a song and was instantly transported to the time period where you first heard it? Today’s music scene can be overwhelming and over‑saturated with clones trying to have a quick come up, completely missing the passion behind the art form.

The carefree vibe of SoundCloud is now nostalgic to me and has a lot to do with my music taste today. I loved when artists made what they wanted to make, not what they thought others would want to hear. Before any amount of shares or opinions infiltrates an artist’s mind, we get to have their art at their purest form. The concept of virality is killing the scene. Sometimes the formula works, but other times it comes off as a copy of a copy of another copy.

There is nothing like a SoundCloud exclusive. There is nothing like finding a song you forgot about, removed from all platforms except SoundCloud, and uploaded by someone who wanted to reminisce just like you.

SoundCloud broke boundaries.

I was never a fan of mainstream radio music. I always hated the thought of a DJ “telling” me what I should be listening to at the moment. Of course, I always had the option to turn the radio off or spin a CD, but it was more about the power of choice for me. I was the one to choose what I wanted to consume — in a world where I felt like we only had so much control. I vividly remember being in middle school diving deep into late 90’s and early 2000’s discographies while my friends played 96.3 like their life depended on it. In a time where you had to search endlessly for websites and apps to find a clear version of the song you wanted to hear at the moment instead of retiring to your old CD folder of physical albums.

2010’s Nostalgia
I’ll never forget when my friend Wake showed me the orange app freshman year of high school, I fell in love immediately. The revelations were endless. Scrolling through my likes on the app is just a musical scrapbook of memories at this point. I’ll never forget discovering @bigguccibxg and @10kdeo .

I still find myself listening to old @txyxuxs and @givethemlule as I am a forever fan of their music thanks to the platform. Who could forget old @liluzivert , @lilyachty and @brysontiller ?

I’m appreciative of some of my favorite artists who still upload their throwaways and songs for the real fans, word to @1fergo and @maetasworld

Underground Will Never Die
I always say if you want someone to never forget you, put them on good music.

SoundCloud music is not dead. In fact, it’s where you go to find your people.
I will forever be a fan of underground music. Personally, I’ll never stop digging.


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