Why 2023 is such an Iconic Year For College Women’s Basketball. Could it be the Greatest Year of all Time?

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Now that the madness and hysteria of March is over let’s analyze how 2023 is such an iconic year for women’s basketball. Without a doubt the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament definitely sparked conversation and showcased a tremendous spotlight on women’s basketball. A total of 9.9 million viewers tuned in to view the Women’s National Championship game making the game the most streamed college event ever on ESPN.

So why is 2023 such an Iconic Year? This year’s tournament is iconic because it ignited conversation, brought the basketball community together, and showcased personality. Player’s like Iowa’s Junior guard Caitlyn Clark and LSU’s Sophmore forward Angel Resse brought a lot of attention to the tournament from celebrities like Candice Parker, John Cena, Steph Curry, and Lebron James.

Leading to the National Championship game Caitlin Clark has been compared to Steph Curry with her ability to shoot from long range. Clark got a lot of attention brought to the tournament from her 41 point triple-double game against the reigning champions South Carolina leading Iowa to its first title game in program history.

Clark is not just known for her long range shooting and 41 point triple-double. She is also known for her personality on the court. A little trash talk occurred during the Iowa and Louisville match up leading to Clark celebrating Iowa’s victory over Louisville with the iconic John Cena “You Can’t See Me” wave that would later backfire and taunt her.

LSU’s Sophomore forward Angel Reese also brought significant attention to the 2023 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Reese averaged a total 23 points, 15.4 rebounds, and 2.3 assist a game during the 2023 season. No surprise that Reese helped lead her team to defeat Iowa 102-85 for the National Championship and was named the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player.

Aside from her basketball skills her on court personality brought conversation to women’s basketball especially during the National Championship game. Reese also ditched out the iconic John Cena “You Can’t See Me” wave that was directed towards Cailtlin Clark after securing the National Championship. Reese stated that she felt that Clark disrespected her teammate Alexis Morris and that she doesn’t take disrespect lightly.

A simple wave turned into a tsunami of controversial conversation. This is the wave that women’s basketball needed. We definitely see you Cailtin and Angel and how you brought community, passion, hard work, trash talk, personality, entertainment, and most importantly conversation to the game of women’s basketball. 2023 set a new narrative for what to look forward to for future tournaments to come.


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