Toronto’s RealestK Debuts New Project Following Viral Hits

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Who Is RealestK?

Nicknaming himself “Toronto’s Secret”, 18-year-old R&B singer RealestK pulls inspiration from his hometown’s biggest stars with moody ballads and smooth lyrics. Given his fans have never seen his eyes, RealestK’s dark music leaves fans intrigued. The singer quickly accelerated into the spotlight with a viral TikTok hit after releasing only a handful of singles. His popular single “WFM” is now RIAA gold certified and the music video has over 20 million views on YouTube. Labels were at his throat before fellow Toronto artist NAV took him under his wing just before Drake and The Weeknd could get to him.

Reading Between The Lines Of “Dreams 2 Reality”

Following the artist closely from his TikTok success, it was interesting to how he’d express himself on his debut project. Choosing to always rock a dark pair of shades, his true persona has yet to be uncovered. After listening, his chosen title, “Dreams 2 Reality” proved to be a double entendre. The singer has skyrocketed in his fame alongside an already well-established mentor and made his manifestations come true. He also shows the signs of a relationship that comes to a head and has to face the facts — it’s just too toxic for either side. 

Letting us into his lovers’ quarrel over 14 tracks, RealestK cleverly holds us at arm’s length, revealing a one sided argument only after listeners read between the lines. Intro “Yourself” sets the scene and lets us know we’re in for a repetitive yet familiar ride. The second track “Divide” shows their routine breakups where it’s never enough when they’re together but neither party is strong enough to walk away. The listener begins to pick a side and tries to see whose fault it really is. The following track “My Ways” is one of my favorites sonically and a vital part in the story. RealestK begins to unveil his intentions just enough to hint at the fact that he has his own agenda. Tortured from the back and forth, the singer claims he just wants to feel something, even if it’s painful.

What Is His True Intention?

Viral hit “WFM” fits snuggly into this puzzle piece, admitting he just wants a familiar face in his corner as he navigates his newfound fame. Listeners on K’s side wonder why his love interest isn’t up for the challenge. Comparing his hometown to Gotham and himself to “Bruce Wayne”, the singer admits he favors feeling needed with a ‘damsel in distress narrative in his relationship. He spends the next 5 tracks trying to get this dynamic back with sly manipulation hidden by his silky falsettos. 

RealestK begs for honesty and a fresh start, even offering a break. Not handling rejection well, the singer is crushed at the thought that the reconciliation may not be possible because of someone else in the picture. The ninth track “I Think I Do” is another sonic favorite of mine. His work distractions aren’t working and he claims she just cannot get her off his mind. The singer questions if this obsession is love instead of recognizing the signs of a toxic attachment. 

The next two tracks emphasize his countless efforts to coerce her back to him, he can’t fathom that his emotions aren’t being reciprocated. The twelfth track “Toxic” is finally the turning point that opens his shaded eyes. Finally getting a taste of her own medicine with RealestK being involved with someone else and his lies to cover it up, she puts on a show. The tables turn as K realizes she’s been playing the role that he so desperately wanted to be in. Having him in her back pocket, receiving all this attention, and under her control; RealestK has been the damsel this entire time.

To Be Continued...

“It’s Love” doesn’t halt the toxic antics. RealestK claims he will always be the better option even though she’s attempting to move on with someone else. ‘Finally’ over the theatrics, the singer asks to be left alone on the outro. 

Even though there are 14 tracks, the 35-minute project is an easy listen for those who have been in a similar dynamic. Listeners can’t even tell when the moody project starts over again because of this seemingly endless relationship cycle. One can only hope RealestK learns his lesson the second (or 22nd) time around. 

“Dreams 2 Reality” is available on all streaming platforms.

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