This is MBKRASTAWAY LJ: The Emerging Artist You Need

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When you think of the city of Indianapolis, what comes to mind? Is it the Circle Center, historic landmarks like The Soldier and Sailors Monument, or maybe even The Indy 500? Well for local Hip-Hop artist, MBKRASTAWAY LJ, he thinks about the trap. From growing up in Chicago to now living in Indianapolis, LJ has seen his fair share of trapENDZ. Now being one of the hottest artists out of Indianapolis with over 10,000 views on YouTube and a sold-out “Spooktopia” underground show in October, LJ is ready to take his career to an even higher level!

With his EP “Trapendz” which was released in June on all streaming platforms and digital retailers, we had a chance to catch up with LJ and learn more about his life as an upcoming artist! 


When MBKRASTAWAY LJ started rapping as a hobby he never expected to go this far. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, LJ saw the realities of growing up in a city plagued with poverty and crime. For LJ, Indianapolis was the last place he would have expected to end up but he’s happy he did. LJ said, “I’ve been here for a couple years now, and I’ve already seen more than I ever did in Chicago. There’s a lot of people here who are really looking to be a part of something positive and constructive.”

Growing up in The Windy City

Growing up in Chicago definitely had its impact on LJ’s music. In an interview with TopView TV, LJ said, “[The music] is really a reflection of the environment that I grew up in, and the people that I know, and the things that I’ve seen. So, it’s just all the realities of the city, you know? …It’s the good and the bad and the ugly; everything in between.” As the city where LJ discovered his love for music, Chicago will always be a special place for him.


The TrapENDZ EP was a special project for LJ. Recording this EP was the first time he put his heart and soul into a project. LJ told TopView TV, “The first project was just a collection of songs that I had written, so it wasn’t like a cohesive project that told a story.” With the TrapENDZ EP, LJ wanted to ensure that all of the songs on the project flowed together. As for the title of the project, LJ wanted to create a visual for listeners and let them know that this EP is about the trap, but it also serves as an escape from it too. Throughout the project, LJ paints a vivid picture of life in the trap and paints an escape from it.

Huge Collaborations on the Way

If the past few months are any indication of how great 2023 will be for LJ, the future is definitely in good hands! Next, LJ will continue to be part of huge collaborations with other local hip-hop artists in Indianapolis. Working with artists like RBM Rello, BOSSHARDZAY, YNW CAMP, and RONDO in the past and continuing to work with local artists in the future. LJ also told TopView TV, “The release of the next project is really going to be a turning point in my career. I’ve been putting in work, and I’ve been putting out a lot of content, and I’m getting a lot of love from it. But, I’m excited to give people a new project, so that’s one thing that I’m definitely looking forward to.

Final Words

After years of rapping as a hobby and experimenting in the studio, LJ is ready for the world to hear him. In an interview with TopView TV, LJ said, “I feel like it’s always been the same thing. I’ve had the same message since the beginning, but now I feel like I really have the skill set and the ability to convey that message in the way that I need to. I’m just ready to be heard by as many people as possible.” With his TrapENDZ EP available on all streaming platforms and digital retailers, LJ is ready for the world to see what he can do!



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