This is FTB Boston, Strong Talent Out of Anderson, IN

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Meet FTB Boston, a 21-year-old rapper hailing from Anderson, Indiana. While he may call his hometown his base, FTB Boston’s music has the potential to reach far beyond the borders of Indiana. With a primary rap genre, FTB Boston has already accomplished something many aspiring musicians dream of hitting 119k views on a video. However, like many in the industry, he’s also had to overcome his fair share of struggles.

“Everybody fake ain’t no real love,” says FTB Boston, when asked about the biggest struggle he’s had to overcome in the music industry. It’s a sentiment that many in the industry can relate to, as the cutthroat nature of the business can often lead to feelings of betrayal and disappointment. But FTB Boston isn’t one to let these struggles bring him down. Instead, he’s channeled that energy into his music and has been making waves in the rap scene.

His latest release, “Forever600,” is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other music platforms. The album showcases FTB Boston’s versatility as an artist, with tracks that range from introspective and reflective to high-energy and hyped-up. With a distinct flow and a strong sense of storytelling, FTB Boston’s music is sure to resonate with rap fans of all ages.

But FTB Boston isn’t just about the music, he is also very active on social media. Followers can keep up with him on Instagram (@ftb_boston_600) to get a glimpse into his life and personality. The social media presence gives fans a chance to connect with FTB Boston on a personal level, and it’s also a great way for him to stay in touch with his fanbase.

As FTB Boston continues to make a name for himself in the music industry, it’s clear that he has the talent, drive, and dedication to make it to the top. With a solid fanbase and a growing catalog of music, he’s well on his way to achieving his goals. So, be sure to check out his music, give him a follow on social media, and keep an eye out for what’s next from FTB Boston.

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