Surprising Holiday Projects You’ll Easily Enjoy With Family This Year

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Christmas music always oozes with holiday cheer and adds a jolly attitude to any setting. Hoping to keep the same vibes, these 3 artists released creative holiday projects that are actually impressive. 

Tyler The Creator – Music Inspired by Illumination & Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018)

At the time, Tyler The Creator was undoubtedly the last person we expected to release a holiday EP. One week after contributing two songs to the 2018 film’s soundtrack, he decided to extend his Christmas spirit. The smooth 10 minute sleigh ride definitely succeeded in his attempt to make a family friendly project, contrasting heavily with his otherwise raunchy lyrics.

This genius lent his vocals alongside Ryan Beatty, Santigold and Jerry Paper in his self produced arrangements. Finding inspiration in Dr. Seuss’ ‘The Grinch’, it’s easy to see how the outcast could relate to the green villain. Unable to escape his rap roots, “Big Bag” allowed them to return with a special twist on the Grinch’s point of view on the family oriented holiday. As unexpected as it is good, his adaptation of the 1957 classic still sounds very him and showcased his evolution as a creative.

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Bryson Tiller – A Different Christmas (2021)

Bryson Tiller decided to go a different route after releasing a deluxe to his wildly popular 2015 project ‘TRAPSOUL’. Originally set to release during the pandemic, Tiller’s project title paid homage to how others may have been spending their December holiday that year.

The seven track project included features from Kiana Lede, Justin Bieber, Pooh Bear, Tayla Parx and his own daughter. Belting smooth notes over subtle 808’s, the singer kept his traditional trapsoul sound alive on this project. He also added jazzy productions (Winter Wonderland) and a claymation visual (Lonely Christmas) to aid with feeling his Christmas spirit. 

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Sabrina Claudio – Christmas Blues (2020)

Sabrina Claudio had a packed schedule for 2020 including releases and tours. That all slowed to a halt once the pandemic hit and everything had to be reevaluated. 

The singer decided to end the year with some joy. Her holiday themed project ‘Christmas Blues’ crackles with a fireplace-like warmth. With 3 covers and 5 original tracks, her sultry vocals serve as the soundtrack to anyone’s cuffing season. In true Claudio fashion, the project is nothing short of stacked melodies, timeless lyrics and an impressive vocal range. With features from The Weeknd (Christmas Blues)  and Alicia Keys (Winter Time), this easy listen adds ambience behind your intimate holiday celebrations. 

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Happy holidays from our TopView family to yours!


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