4200Kory Represents His Community With New Single “THUGGIN’”

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It’s been a busy 30-day run for Slum Baby Family pioneer 4200Kory. Forever with a chip on his shoulder, 42K continues to be the example he never got to see in his adolescence. For the last month, 4200Kory blessed us with new music and content. Between Youtube visuals, SoundCloud exclusives, and giving back to his community, this artist is on a mission. 

His most recent single ‘THUGGIN (How I’m Feeling)’ solidifies his signature “new eastside” sound. With timeless production and raw, journal entry-like lyrics, the artist produced a classic 4200 record. Kory paints a new motivation for anyone dealing with both internal and external struggles. Swiftly rapping over classic drums, Kory reiterates his priorities in a ‘sorry, not sorry’ manner. Charging it to the game, he refrains from any distractions that’ll deter him from the task at hand. 

More Than Just Music

This song could also welcome a much-needed conversation. Further dissecting the lyrics, 42K shows the perspective of a man navigating the world on his own. Even though he explains everything that he’s dealing with, he chalks it up to a simple “I’ve been thuggin’”. The rapper gives no excuses and chooses to carry on, knowing no one is going to get it for him. Oftentimes, men are told to suck it up along with multiple expectations placed on them as natural providers. Shedding light on the assumptions, Kory chooses to see the light at the end of the tunnel and focus on his discipline. 

Is A New Project On The Works?

Usually, a run like this calls for a new project on the way. However, true supporters know the follow-up to HO4DL comes with patience while the detail-oriented artist takes his time. Holding us over with back-to-back singles, we’ll have to thug it out for now.

Stream the new single here:

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