Playlunch Unleashes New Funk Explosion: ‘Who’s Ready For A Good Time?

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Playlunch, the sensation that emerged from the depths of TikTok, has finally graced our playlists with their long-awaited debut album, ‘Who’s Ready For A Good Time?’ Released on November 17, this eclectic eight-piece ensemble has quickly become synonymous with a fusion of nostalgic bogan funk that’s both infectious and magnetic.

The band’s identity is as distinctive as their music. Decked out in traffic-mat tracksuits, sporting speed-dealer sunnies, and splashed in yellow zinc, their live shows are the stuff of legend. Think anthemic dance jams and a crowd decked in bucket hats emblazoned with the band’s logo, reminiscent of the 00s era. Rumors of aths-day style house chant competitions echo through the packed venues, marking a Playlunch gig as a unique experience for each attendee.

Having garnered attention after supporting ‘The Soul Movers’ and even earning praise from OG Red Wiggle Murray Cook, Playlunch’s rise has been meteoric. Their recent TikTok viral moment featuring a live clip of “Soupe Opera,” a rap remix of the ABC classic, catapulted them into the limelight, prompting anticipation for their debut album.

‘Who’s Ready For A Good Time?’ showcases Playlunch’s versatility, boasting a self-produced album that encapsulates the essence of growing up in mid-2000s Australia. Recorded in a humble shed behind a Brunswick share house, the 10-track LP features collaborations with prominent figures such as Julia Gillard, Aunty Donna, Corey Worthington, and wellness guru Wim Hof. With mixing and mastering by Northeast Party House, this debut seamlessly blends late 70s funk/disco instrumentals with elements drawn from early hip-hop, EDM, and indie bedroom pop, all filtered through the nostalgic lens of 00s culture.

Frontman Liam Bell describes the album as a sonic time capsule of the mid-2000s, evoking memories of sunscreen, Hubba Bubba, and blackcurrant Quelches. The album not only marks Playlunch’s debut but also serves as the inaugural release for their independent label, Jim’s Records, paying homage to Australian entrepreneur Jim Penman.

The album’s lead single, ‘Athletics Day,’ is accompanied by a vibrant music video that encapsulates the band’s infectious energy and spirited performance. The promise of a forthcoming video for ‘Hornbag,’ a tribute to the TV classic Kath & Kim, adds to the excitement surrounding Playlunch’s debut release.

Critics and fans alike have been effusive in their praise for ‘Who’s Ready For A Good Time?’ The album’s upbeat vibes, impeccable creativity, and genre-defying production have resonated strongly with listeners. Reviewers have lauded Playlunch for crafting a project that stands in a league of its own, expressing eagerness to hear more from this talented ensemble in the future.

Playlunch’s debut album radiates an aura of joy, nostalgia, and sheer musical inventiveness. With their infectious energy and a sound that defies categorization, this debut is a testament to their musical prowess and a promising indication of a bright future ahead. As Playlunch invites us all to embrace the good times, their debut album is undoubtedly a trip down memory lane that we never knew we needed.


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