de zéro – Chef Porter: A New Culinary Tribute to Golden Era Hip-Hop

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Celebrity Chef and Musician Ed Porter, known as Chef Porter, has cooked up a delectable treat for hip-hop aficionados with his latest release, “de zéro.” This musical endeavor is a reverent nod to the “Golden” Era of Hip-Hop, impeccably timed to coincide with the genre’s 50th anniversary. Collaborating with industry stalwarts CLCII and Grammy-nominated producer Mark Byrd, and under the astute A&R direction of Amilcar “PRO” Welton of CREATE. Digital Music, Chef Porter has delivered a 16-track project that exudes nostalgia and finesse.

Released on November 3rd, 2023, “de zéro” immediately caught the attention of enthusiasts, garnering praise for its exceptional production quality. Porter’s vision, coupled with CLCII and Byrd’s expertise, crafts a sonic landscape that pays homage to the classic hip-hop style while infusing it with a contemporary edge. The album’s top track, ‘@your service,’ has already amassed an impressive 175,000 plays, a testament to its instant appeal.

One of the standout features of “de zéro” lies in its unique flow, characterized by Porter’s charismatic vocals layered atop masterfully produced beats. Each track radiates a classic hip-hop essence, yet the album maintains a remarkable variation, ensuring a diverse listening experience. Reviewers and fans alike have lauded the album’s meticulous composition, recognizing its ability to take listeners on an engaging and immersive musical journey.

Among the 16 tracks, ‘Suite Life’ emerges as a fan favorite, praised for its infectious vibes and top-notch production, encapsulating the essence of the entire project. Its seamless composition, coupled with impeccable production, positions ‘Suite Life’ as a quintessential highlight within the album.

“de zéro” serves as a testament to Chef Porter’s multifaceted talent, transcending boundaries between the culinary and musical realms. By paying homage to the roots of hip-hop while infusing it with his own creative flair, Porter has curated an album that not only celebrates the genre’s legacy but also offers a fresh perspective.

As “de zéro” continues to captivate audiences, Chef Porter’s ability to blend his culinary expertise with musical prowess stands as a testament to his versatility and artistry. With its celebration of hip-hop’s ‘Golden’ Era and its contemporary resonance, “de zéro” cements Chef Porter’s place as a noteworthy figure in both the culinary and music industries.


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