‘Outlook’ by Lons – A New Horizon of Sounds and Visuals

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In the enchanting embrace of spring, Lons and 24k embarked on a creative journey within the intimate confines of 24k’s residence. Their collaborative venture birthed a melodic exploration into the realm of emo-pop vibes. Setting the stage with rhythmic drums and subtle guitar elements, the duo crafted a purposefully uncomplicated beat, placing a spotlight on the emotive vocals.

Venturing into the realms of musical alchemy, they experimented with diverse engineering techniques. This artistic experimentation saw the infusion of additional effects in the latter part of the hook, lending a distinct touch to the composition. The inclusion of nuanced guitar elements, meticulous mixing, and the harmonious interplay of creative energies culminated in the making of “Outlook,” an integral part of a compelling 2-pack series.

The piece, “N. Gibson Ave,” serves as a poignant reflection on Lons’ poignant recollections of his childhood neighborhood and the formidable challenges encountered during his formative years. In contrast, “Outlook” seamlessly picks up the narrative, delving into the contemporary landscape where negative experiences with close associates shape one’s worldview.

The accompanying music video serves as a visual odyssey, capturing the poignant struggle of seeking solace amidst familiar toxicity. Escaping from these negative entanglements, even when their detrimental nature is acknowledged, adds an additional layer of complexity. The Archive Collective, under the guidance of Brendan Baar (24ktracks) and Sam Rowan (syncvideo), orchestrated the production, shooting, and editing of the video within a remarkable 5-day timeframe.

To unveil this artistic endeavor to the world, Lons hosted a captivating watch party at the MELI showcase, debuting the video for “N. Gibson Ave,” brilliantly directed by ShotBySam. Although initially unplanned, the collaboration between Lons and his adept team culminated in the creation of the evocative video accompanying “Outlook,” a testament to the spontaneous beauty that emerges when creative minds converge.

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