“Notice Me” – Fivio Foreign With Another New York Drill Anthem

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Fivio Foreign’s “Notice Me” featuring Tata, Jenn Carter, and Kyle Richh is a hit in the making. The official music video for the track showcases Fivio’s undeniable talent as a rapper and his ability to create a catchy, energetic banger.

The drill drums in “Notice Me” are heavy and relentless, providing the perfect backdrop for Fivio’s crazy flow. The mix of VHS and real footage in the music video adds a unique visual element to the track, and the color grading is top-notch. The close-up nature of the music video puts the focus on Fivio, allowing him to shine as the star of the show.

In addition to Fivio’s impressive performance, the features on “Notice Me” are also noteworthy. Tata, Jenn Carter, and Kyle Richh all bring their own unique styles to the track, complementing Fivio and adding to the overall energy of the song. The New York flow is evident throughout the track and adds to the gritty, street feel of the music video.

Overall, “Notice Me” is a must-watch music video and a must-listen track. Fivio Foreign continues to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. If you’re looking for a banger to add to your playlist, “Notice Me” is the track for you.

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