Laura Lakes: A Personal Tribute to an Exceptional Woman in Music

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As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re honored to shine a light on the extraordinary journey of Laura Lakes, our remarkable Chief Operating Officer at TopView. Laura’s story is one of unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and fearless leadership, making her an invaluable asset to our team and the music industry at large.

From the outset, Laura’s commitment to excellence and her relentless work ethic have been nothing short of inspiring. There are few who can match her level of dedication and determination, and her tireless efforts serve as a driving force behind our company’s success. Laura is not just a leader; she’s the glue that keeps our team together, the one who ensures that every project runs smoothly and every detail is meticulously organized. We are truly blessed to have her guiding us forward.

Laura’s journey to her current role at TopView is a testament to her passion for both creativity and psychology, a passion that has fueled her every step of the way. Her background in event production management with the NFL provided her with invaluable experience, but it is her innate ability to blend her love for entertainment with her academic pursuits that sets her apart.

Since stepping into the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2020, Laura has been instrumental in driving transformative initiatives that have had a profound impact on the lives of countless artists, creators, and industry professionals. Whether she’s orchestrating dynamic marketing campaigns or spearheading talent development programs, Laura’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping the industry landscape.

But Laura’s contributions extend far beyond her executive responsibilities. As a licensed real estate agent, model, and the founder of Studio 303, she is a true Renaissance woman, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Studio 303 stands as a testament to Laura’s entrepreneurial spirit and her unwavering commitment to pushing the music scene forward here in Indy.

As the sole female Indiana-based executive in the industry, Laura understands the weight of her position and the responsibility that comes with it. With humility and determination, she strives to pave the way for future generations of women, creating an inclusive environment where talent thrives and dreams are realized.

In Laura Lakes, we have not only a leader but a mentor, a visionary, and a friend. Her impact on TopView and the music industry as a whole is immeasurable, and we are profoundly grateful to have her on our team. Here’s to Laura Lakes, a true trailblazer in every sense of the word.


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