Indianapolis Artist Occ Taee, Extra Viral Force On New Mixtape “Just Listen”

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Indianapolis-based Hip-Hop/Rap prodigy, Occ Taee, has captivated audiences with the release of his highly-anticipated mixtape, “Just Listen,” on April 22nd, 2023. This nine-track major work showcases the artist’s creative evolution, presenting a diverse array of sonic landscapes that exemplify his inimitable style.

  1. “5 On It” ushers listeners into the tape with its dynamic tempo, drawing inspiration from the iconic song it samples. This invigorating opening sets a high bar for the ensuing tracks, immersing listeners in Occ Taee’s distinct musical universe.
  2. “Control the Game,” the mixtape’s vanguard single, is accompanied by a compelling music video that highlights the track’s pulsating bass and contagious vitality. Destined to be a fan favorite, this song further solidifies Occ Taee’s position among the Hip-Hop/Rap elite.
  3. “Dead or Alive” reveals Occ Taee’s mellifluous side, offering a poignant beat produced by 24k Tracks. The track’s mesmerizing guitar work accentuates the artist’s emotive lyrics, resulting in a captivating and introspective piece.
  4. “Smoking Out The P” reinvigorates the mixtape’s tempo with an effervescent beat and an irresistible hook. This dynamic track demonstrates Occ Taee’s artistic dexterity, seamlessly transitioning between styles.
  5. “Whatchu Think” delivers a tantalizing beat that begins with a slow burn but intensifies at the drop. This potent track is emblematic of Occ Taee’s signature fusion of raw vigor and technical prowess.
  6. “Mafia” epitomizes Taee’s quintessential style, unleashing hard-hitting bars and a relentless flow that underscores his standing as Indianapolis’ most exhilarating artist.
  7. “Tick Tock” captivates listeners with its infectious bassline and ingenious lyrics, exuding viral appeal that resonates with both dedicated fans and newcomers.
  8. “Bump It Out” features a buoyant bass and motivating lyrics that inspire movement. This unforgettable anthem illustrates Occ Taee’s knack for crafting memorable tracks.
  9. “Mr. Murder” concludes the mixtape with an authentic, unvarnished tone, melding a melodic slow guitar beat with Occ Taee’s introspective lyricism.

Occ Taee asserts that “Just Listen” embodies his career trajectory and artistic growth, and he eagerly anticipates sharing it with the world. The mixtape is now available for streaming on all major platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Occ Taee’s latest masterpiece – stream “Just Listen” today!

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