“Forever Da Menace”: Anti Da Menace In A Powerful Show of Raw Grit

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Anti Da Menace’s latest EP, “Forever Da Menace,” showcases the artist’s versatile flow and gritty lyricism with raw power. The EP, which features 7 songs all under 3 minutes, packs hard-hitting beats and thought-provoking lyrics. Produced in collaboration with legendary producer Forever Rolling, this timeless classic is already gaining recognition from fans and the industry alike.

The cover art for the album perfectly sets the tone for the music inside, with a dark and menacing image that perfectly captures the energy of the EP. The first track, “Steppin In,” starts off with a hard intro and a tough flow straight out the gate. The beat, “ump,” is dark and complements Anti Da Menace’s voice perfectly. Halfway through the track, the artist switches up their flow, showing off their versatility. The track is really raw, with just a vocal track and not many adlibs. Anti Da Menace declares “I’m a fucking beast” on this track.

“Redman 2” is a standout track on the EP with a tough beat and fast flow. The artist delivers a standout line “Put my son in LV, theres nothing you can tell me” on this track. The beat is accompanied by a dark piano with gritty vocals, and Anti Da Menace doesn’t miss a beat. The song has Pooh Shiesty vibes.

“Navy Seal” offers a different beat than the rest of the tracks on the EP, with a slower flow but better lyrics. The artist declares “Call me baby navy seal all the opps get sniped down” on this track. The beat is bouncy and compliments the flow well.

“DEA” features a hard beat and lyrics that are both thought-provoking and hard-hitting. Anti Da Menace declares “This shit real now, on god I didn’t even realize” on this track. The flow is slower but complements the beat perfectly. The track has a good chorus and tons of great lines.

“Pacman” is the darkest beat so far on the EP with a quicker speed and lower vocal track higher beat. Anti Da Menace delivers the line “Anti come and get you” on this track.

“Automatic Rounds” features a dark piano melody and “ump” that comes straight in. The lyrics are gritty and raw, with the artist delivering lines like “Pushing weight like LA Fitness” and one-liners between verses are tough.

The final track on the EP, “Stashed Away,” features Nogood and Bear. This is the longest track on the EP. The flow is slower and the artist declares “This shit just run in my blood, my little sister break the rules” and “He wanna book me, better pay me”. The features complement the beat very well and there are different tones with the features, but everyone sounds good on the beat.

Overall, “Forever Da Menace” is a must-listen for fans of hard-hitting hip-hop. Anti Da Menace’s raw lyricism and versatile flow, paired with the EP’s dark beats, make for an intense and powerful listening experience.

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