Bandi’s New Bittersweet EP: A Catchy Pop Vibe

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Bandi’s Bittersweet EP is a refreshing addition to the pop music scene. The Kiwi-Brazilian artist has created a 5-song EP that showcases her talent and versatility as a musician. Raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Bandi has spent a significant amount of time in the Foothills of Los Angeles, which has influenced her sound and style.

The EP kicks off with “WGMI – We Gon Make It,” which has a great pop vibe and features Jupiter Project. The rap feature fits perfectly and adds an extra dimension to the track. The song has a radio-ready sound, and it reminds me of Dua Lipa’s music.

The second track, “Ain’t Nobody,” has a beach vibe and features both English and Spanish lyrics. It’s a darker song, but the vocals stand out and the chorus is catchy. The low and slow beat adds to the overall atmosphere of the song.

“Sweet Thang” is a slower song, and it has a Sunflower by Post Malone-type beat. The vocals and backing vocals are on point, and the chorus is catchy. The song features Alxandah and Bianca Grigg, and their contributions to the track are perfect.

The shortest song on the EP is “Lay Low,” but it doesn’t lack in quality. The higher-pitch vocals and light vocals match the beat perfectly, and the catchy and vibey song leaves a lasting impression.

Finally, “Lights Out” is the standout track on the EP. The intro is super hard, and the chorus is catchy. The beat is awesome, and the pop vibe of the song makes it radio-ready. The EP has a bittersweet feel to it, and “Lights Out” encapsulates this feeling perfectly.

Overall, Bandi’s Bittersweet EP is an impressive debut that showcases her talent and potential as a pop artist. The EP features some great collaborations and highlights Bandi’s ability to create catchy and radio-friendly songs. I’m excited to see what she has in store for the future.

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