BabyTron & Cordae’s “Beetleborgs”: A Stunning, Must-See Music Video Experience!

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BabyTron & Cordae’s new music video for “Beetleborgs” is a visually stunning masterpiece, shot and edited by Diego and RedSun. The retro-inspired setting and strong switch up paired with the crisp camera angles perfectly complement the smooth vocals and catchy beat of the song. The video opens with BabyTron and Cordae in a retro house, surrounded by vintage furniture and decor and later switches to street shots with lots of editing, common in BabyTrons music videos. The color palette used in the video is a perfect match for the retro theme, with warm tones and a nostalgic feel.

The song is a great song with a lot of focus on the vocals and little help from the beat. The chemistry between BabyTron and Cordae is evident as they trade verses and harmonize together. The song is well produced, with a tight beat and a catchy hook that will have you singing along in no time. “Beetleborgs” is a perfect example of the artistry and creativity that BabyTron and Cordae bring to the music industry. Released on January 13th, the video is a perfect accompaniment to BabyTron’s newest album, “Bin Reaper 3: New Testament”, which is now available on all streaming platforms. With great focus on the vocals and minimal use of the beat, “Beetleborgs” is sure to be a hit among music lovers. Don’t miss out on this incredible new release from BabyTron and Cordae.

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