Baby Tate’s New Irresistibly Self-Aware Album

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The Reemergence of Female Self Confidence 

Baby Tate’s new project “Mani/Pedi” is a self-love album that every woman in the world needs right now. Between themes of self-awareness, woman empowerment, and pure confidence, this project is guaranteed to have one feeling themselves. Both her bars and vocals provide a variety of emotions to the listening experience. Listeners are in for an internal emotional rollercoaster as they reflect on their own situations and self-worth.

The Epitome Of Female Empowerment

Her intro starts off strong with “Perfect” — an oath to her confidence in herself. She raps affirmations over a heavy bassline, providing the perfect pregame song before stepping out to “Ain’t No Love”. The Ciara sampled track features 2 Chainz and serves as a reminder to not fall for the tired game of lust in the club. 

She then confides in a friend in nostalgic early 2000s-inspired “Do Better”. Showing off her smooth vocals, she convinces her friend to choose herself over a partner who refuses to see their worth. Following her own advice, she sends off her own sorry situations with “Karma”. Tate wishes the same pain on the other party that hurt her feelings in her one of many breakup anthems. 

TikTok popular “Sl*t Him Out Again” featuring fellow rising female rap artist Kali displays her taboo preferences with high energy. Unapologetically displaying her taboo talents, her infamous TikTok sound is a perfect hype song before linking up with a special someone. Glowing from the previous track, this confidence carries over into “Differences” with in-your-face bars highlighting her ample good qualities. Tate softens her vocals with the 7th track “Mani” where she states her preferences for a love interest. With equally blunt lyrics, she motivates the listener on how to ask for pleasure in an unashamed manner over the chorus. Preparing her lover for her baggage, she is hesitant to completely let herself go in “4lifers”. Hoping for the real deal, Tate is aware that her past issues may make it hard, but she’s ready for a potential relationship if they’re willing. 

Baby Tate Reflects on The Hardships of Love

Finally letting her guard down on “What’s Love”, Baby Tate questions someone’s intentions with her. Regardless of their questionable actions, Tate still remembers her worth and mainly poses the question to the other party with smooth vocals. Knowing she doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment, she’s positive this isn’t the situation she wants to be tied down to. Shaking off that funny feeling, she’s ready to turn everyone up again with “Dancing Queen”. She emphasizes that men can be a bad idea, but she can be even prettier towards someone trying to play with her time. She expresses that one shouldn’t play with her over “Pedi”’s house music-inspired production. 

Baby Tate reverts back to her women empowerment anthems towards the end of the project. Recognizing that women need reassurance after a tough situation, she reminds them of their worth on “Yasss Queen”, where her buttery vocals return in an attempt to soothe the aching heart. 

The Real Meaning Of Self Love

Reflecting on the 13th track rightfully titled “Honest”, she recognizes that the energy that she’s attracting may be because of her own issues. While dishing out advice, she realizes that she has to look inward first. All her flexing is uplifting, but the real growth comes from inner work. Leading by example, listeners are forced to face their own issues and stop placing the blame on outside factors. On the outro “I Do”, she places her final affirmations over a head-knocking beat featuring Slimwav’s vocoder vocals. Believing that she’ll be alright with or without a partner, she walks away knowing her self-worth and displays the epitome of grace. With her newfound epiphany, Baby Tate’s most real anthem on the project reiterates that the best love is self-love.

“Mani/Pedi” available now on all streaming platforms


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