Almighty FO made an Interesting Return to The Mixtape Era

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Who is Almighty FO?

Rapper, engineer, and videographer Almighty FO hails from Gary, IN, and dropped his first song in 2017 while attending Indiana University. Word spread quickly around campus and the rising artist went on to drop 10 projects, perform in multiple shows and drop countless music videos. FO’s familiar flows, constant drops, and entertaining social media that opens discussions on social issues and display his recording process have organically grown a loyal audience that cannot wait for the world to acknowledge his talents. Supporters favor the genuine love he shows to everyone and his devoted focus on bettering his craft. Sporting bright blond locks and black-owned brands, FO has a bright future on the horizon.

Common Themes Found In His Drops

Being an independent artist and blessed with his own home studio, Almighty FO’s releases come with a punch. Everyone knows a banger is coming as soon as FO starts dropping his signature notes app snippets on his socials. It’s not uncommon for his followers to change their profile pictures to his new cover art in support of an upcoming project. FO finds creativity in creating themed tapes based on his other interests in life; basketball, wrestling, and his musical influences. 

FOBE Bryant 2


Before I’m Gone

With influences from early Gucci and Wayne, he has never been one to hold back on releasing music. Refusing to be a stingy artist, Almighty FO dumps his current mindset over 20+ tracks at a time per project. Being that he is able to record, mix and master his own music in the same night, his productivity is on another level. Unlike any other artist, FO is one to drop a deluxe project with a whole new tracklist, instead of just a few unreleased bonus tracks. With vibrant cover art and tracklists jam-packed with features, listeners are able to see where his mind is at in just an hour due to his frequent drops. 

Is He Oversaturating His Discography?

One may say he’s dropping too often or dropping too much music. From the outside looking in, it can look like a ton of music. For fans, the more music, the merrier. Although he drops 20 tracks at a time majority of the time, the artist has an opportunity to showcase all the talents he’s been improving on. FO’s fanbase is a range of productive women and men on their grind that come from all different walks of life and he tends to every single one of them. His people are able to find their favorites within his mixtapes due to his versatility. From laidback slow jams to hype pregame joints, Almighty FO’s flows switch more than the weather in the Midwest. FO has always said his goal in mind was “to be so good that people can’t deny him”. The artist is on his way with a fierce following to back him up.

The Beauty of His Mixtape Era

Almighty FO has been experimenting with his sound and talents from the beginning. When it’s finally time for him to debut his signature sound on a debut album, his developed skills and confidence will prevail. As far as marketing, his supporters are always ready to hear a new snippet, knowing a new project is on the way. This artist’s journey is building an organic foundation and brand for himself, keeping his followers entertained and hungry for more. Currently sporting over 15 mixtapes on all streaming platforms (as of October 2022), Almighty FO continues to display his growing versatility and perseverance toward the underground artist grind. His fanbase is already growing outside his hometown and sound is constantly evolving with his mindset. It’s only a matter of time before big names start to pay attention to his main goal in mind. With today’s underground artists waiting to drop at “the perfect time”, FO chooses to let his ideas go for the public’s consumption. One is bound to find a few songs that they can’t get off of repeat with this extensive discography. To all artists, you aren’t putting in all these hours for no reason. Almighty FO’s mixtape era inspires other artists to stop holding onto all their music in the vault and to keep grinding.

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