Amari Noelle Shows Her Heart In The New Project L.I.M.R

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Amari Shows The Cost Of Love

Blessing us with her second full-length project just four short months after her impressive debut, Amari Noelle displayed a vulnerable story on the 13 track “Love Is My Religion”. Described as her “favorite type of drug”, this four-letter word is her lifeline and what she lives by. Supporters knew something exciting was soon to come once she started her weekly drops. This time, her music took a darker, more moody approach for the fall. 

Hopeless Romantic Antics

Amari is making up for lost time on the title track and intro “L.I.M.R.”. She, as well as others around her, has finally accepted her true self, and living freely means unapologetically baring her soul. Loyalty may have gotten her hurt in the past but the singer can’t change who she is just because others aren’t built the same. Love makes her feel alive. The rest of the project prepares us for the tough lessons that life is about to show her. 

In “Summers Days” and “I Rather”, the singer attaches to a seemingly perfect partner for her. The lover girl’s raspy vocals take center stage as she serenades them, putting her love on full display. “Wouldn’t Do” and “You” shows her quick infatuation and the great lengths she’ll go to for the one she loves. This hold they have over Noelle is a blinding mystery but she’s all in. One can only hope the energy is being reciprocated. 

Interlude “Before The Sun Goes Down” is her last dedication before the relationship hits a turning point on “Waiting For You”. Amari begins to see red flags that looked unalarming behind her rose-colored glasses. Finally seeing the energy shift, she decides to let the situation go, no matter how much it hurts.

The Honest Phases Of Heartbreak By Amari

Feeling her emotions deeply, Amari distracts herself with substances and people that aren’t good for her on “Hurt” and “Bad Romance”. Attempting to chase that good feeling, even if it’s temporary, the artist starts to regret giving so much to herself. Unable to escape her thoughts, she enters a denial phase in her heartbreak on “Runaway”.

Time heals everything. No longer making jaded decisions, she starts to pick herself back up. Finally able to express her regrets, Amari takes her time on the longest track of the project “Let Me Down”. Pain echoes through her vocals as she realizes the expectations she put on this relationship were too high. Showing this much love has caused her so much pain and she attempts to swear off her emotions on “Done Wit It”. This is uncharacteristic for this sensitive soul but she’s only trying to protect her heart.

With Acceptance Comes Growth 

Closing out with “Thank You”, she chooses to show gratitude towards the situation that made her stronger. Being placed in the darkness made her see her true light comes from within and not external factors. Love changed her for the better, showing her new things about herself and an opportunity to grow. 

I always say love songs will never go out of style. There’s not a soul on Earth that hasn’t experienced it in some sort of way. Although it can cause us the utmost pain, love is also our greatest teacher. Our lover girl’s decision to let us into her struggles shows that it happens to the best of us. Everyone has a different relationship with that four-letter word. It’s all about how you overcome and accept it in your own unique way. 

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