“When I Hear Your Name”: A Spotlight into Maeta’s Evolving Artistic Journey

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American singer-songwriter Maeta, originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, is making waves with her new album, “When I Hear Your Name.” Known for her powerful vocals and emotionally-raw lyrics, Maeta’s rise to stardom began when she moved to Los Angeles, following her signing with Roc Nation. Her initial entrance into the industry was marked by her debut major label album “Habits” in 2021. At that time, she revealed that she was entrenched in a complex personal relationship, which she referred to as a “bad habit,” hinting at its influence on her music.

Fast-forward to 2023, Maeta’s musical evolution is on full display with her long-awaited album “When I Hear Your Name.” This collection of 13 tracks is a perfect blend of new and familiar, featuring previously released songs like “S(EX)” and “Through The Night.” The latter, a riveting collaboration with Free Nationals, was notably penned by Lucky Daye.

However, it’s her lead single, “Questions,” that sets the tone for the album. Radiating with a sense of nostalgia, this track encapsulates Maeta’s growth as an artist while maintaining a distinct essence of who she is at her core. The song encapsulates the complex emotions of a carefree teenage summer love entwined with undertones of toxicity.

In contrast, the album also includes the deeply sentimental, “Something Happens When I Hear Your Name,” which stands out as the album’s second shortest and arguably its most vulnerable track.

This album isn’t solely a testament to Maeta’s musical prowess. It also reflects a collaborative effort, featuring additional writing and production contributions from an array of talented artists including Ant Clemons, Camper, Demi Lovato, DIXSON, Elijah Blake, Fallon King, and Kehlani. Notably, the album’s production is helmed by Montréal’s renowned music producer, Kaytranada.

With “When I Hear Your Name,” Maeta proves that her previous EP was just the beginning of her musical journey. The remarkable consistency and quality of songwriting displayed in her first full-length album shows that Maeta has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. This album is a compelling testament to her talent and hard work, and an essential addition to any music lover’s playlist.

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