This is MONARCHY: An Exclusive Look Into The New Project By 47

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The History of 47

Born and raised in Indianapolis, 47, a Hip-Hop artist that has a bright future ahead. He just dropped his first project MONARCHY, and it’s lit as hell. The project is 10 tracks long with two feature’s from fellow Indianapolis artists Solocash and MDMA. At just 25 years old, 47 has made it clear that he will be nothing short of prolific for the rest of his career.

The project was produced by Brendan Baar, Beau Robins, BReel Beats, and Xantana all producers with an extraordinary talent that shines through on this project. Brendan Baar also known as 24kTracks also has an added talent in music video production. The two collaborated on the album and then continued the collaboration with a smash hit music video for the lead single “Faded”.

The Making of Monarchy

After months of anticipation with lead-up singles like, Purple, Faded, and Pull Up, 47 finally dropped his project, MONARCHY. The project is a ten-track exploration into the intricacies of love and relationships. The album is full of production from some of the top producers in Indianapolis, and it shows. 47 is also known for his unique style that blends clever wit with vulnerability to create a raw sound that resonates with listeners. His lyrics explore his experiences and how they have shaped him both personally and professionally.

The Music

The first track of the album, Green Pills, sets the tone for what listeners can expect from this album. A slow melodic intro to what is the future generation of Indianapolis music. His sound has been described as a melodic rap style and takes great influence from artists like Yeat and Ken Carson.

Another song that stood out was the 3rd track on the album titled Faded. The lyrics are simultaneously haunting and soothing with 47’s vocals over synth-heavy guitar chords. Faded is one of my favorite tracks from this project, it really speaks to my personal taste in music, I also enjoy the mix of this track where you can hear hip-hop influences as well as melodic rap.

My personal favorite of the album is the 9th track, Up, this track highlights his true melodic tendencies and plays to more of my style. This track showcases his raw vocals with few musical elements supporting him and shows just how much talent and diversity he truly has. The track reminds you to slow down and digs into that raw emotion that 47 tries to uncover through the album.

The Message

Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop or not, it’s hard to deny the pure talent and creativity that went into this project. There are many tracks I find myself listening to over and over again, each with its own unique feeling. In my opinion, this is one of the best albums out of the midwest of the year so far. The album showcases 47 range and diversity as an artist and gives his fans something to listen to on repeat.

The album gives us something that hasn’t been prominent in the midwest, uniqueness. The sound reminds me of that of a major-level artist, and it keeps me forgetting it’s coming from someone with just a few songs out. The artistry, production, and overall sound coming from 47 are very evident for anyone who listens.

What’s Next for 47

The artist has an undeniable style and cadence unique to the midwest region. Additionally, we look forward to future collaborations with other Indianapolis musicians and beyond. There’s no doubt that 47 won’t be forgotten anytime soon. As a new project comes out every couple of months it will be interesting to see where his sound is headed next. What direction will he take? Will he collaborate more with artists outside of Indiana? It will be a true test of endurance for the up-and-coming artist from Indy.

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