Revolutionary Artist, Mychal James, Hosts One Of The Most Fire Shows in Indy

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On Friday, February 23rd, Indianapolis-native rapper Mychal James hosted his show titled “Voyager” at the Indiana Hoosier Dome. Located in Downtown Indy, the show featured seven different Indiana-based artists performing in succession.

The first among these artists to take the stage was Andrew Snakez. A talented high school student, he first performed a handful of solo songs before being joined by TENNSTARS. At Voyager, they performed their joint work titled “Motor.” Despite both of these artists’ young careers, they have collaborated on a number of tracks and have performed together in the past, including at other shows organized by James.

Another of the notable artists on James’s lineup was Landon Tog. Tog, who performs under the stage name Claritie, has gained a small platform in Indy for his dark beats and raw lyrics. His beats draw on subcultural music such as punk rock. His sound is a blend of alternative baselines and lyrical work reminiscent of more mainstream hip-hop hits.

Hailing from Evansville, Kelso Melrose’s hyperpop-inspired sound was an appropriate contrast to the previous act. Melrose is rapidly rising in popularity in the Indiana underground scene. He has worked alongside critically acclaimed producer collective Neila World, who have created tracks for top charting artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Polo G, and Playboi Carti.

Following Melrose was the Apocalyptic$. Utilizing autotune as an art form, the Apocolyptic$ brought a uniquely digital sound to James’s lineup.

Memphis Daytona is an artist local to the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville. He started making music during his junior year of high school and has continued his career ever since. He was among the most recognizable artists on Voyager’s setlist. He also recently added to his extensive discography when he dropped his single “A.D.H.D.” earlier this month.

James curates shows that cater to a diverse audience. Each act in his shows offers a unique genre, style, and lyrical appeal. Voyager is the latest of many shows intended to spotlight Indianapolis talent without confining itself to one genre. Blending R&B, glitchcore, hyperpop, and more, each show offers a distinctive experience to those in attendance. James has been hosting this style of hybrid concert for months and it has become his signature. James himself finished the show with a performance of tracks off his newest album Ninja.

Cover Photo by Elijah Webster

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