RBM Rello “Internal Scars,” Indianapolis’ First Powerful Album of the Year

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RBM Rello’s “Internal Scars” album is a powerful and intense collection of drill and melodically inspired rap tracks that showcase RBM Rello’s raw talent and undeniable energy. From the opening track “Whiplash,” RBM Rello sets the tone for the album with a hard-hitting beat, a sped-up sample, and lyrics that reflect RBM Rello’s drive and determination.

The album’s second track, “Low Battery,” slows things down a bit with a more melodic and singing-heavy style of rap that showcases RBM Rello’s versatility as an artist. The track is short but packs a punch with its raw and emotional lyrics.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Kid N Play,” which features PBT Ace and has a dark, NLE Choppa-style piano and organ beat. The slower flow on this track is a nice change of pace from the faster-paced tracks on the album, and the feature from PBT Ace adds an extra layer of depth to the track.

Another highlight of the album is “Soul Fire,” which features Midwxst. The energetic beat, distorted audio at the beginning, and hard beat drop set the tone for an inspiring and motivating track. The Midwxst feature is a great switch-up and fits in really well with RBM Rello’s flow. The production on this track is top-notch and it’s definitely my favorite on the entire album.

“Baby Rell Flow” has an intricate beat and a slow intro with adlibs, and the fast flow, back-to-back-to-back lyrics, and hard drums hit hard. “Viral Moment” has a great mix of tones and a hard-hitting beat that complements RBM Rello’s lyrics perfectly.

“No Joking Pt. 2” ft. LilEazzyy has a crazy flow and references, and “Grenade” is a fan favorite, with a crazy sample, slow and melodic but speeds up in the intro and great flow. The track is a great ending to the album, tapping into your emotions.

In conclusion, RBM Rello’s “Internal Scars” is a fantastic album to start the year off, that showcases RBM Rello’s raw talent and undeniable energy. The hard-hitting beats and drill-inspired flow are matched by powerful and emotional lyrics that reflect RBM Rello’s struggles and determination. This album is a must-listen for fans of drill/melodic rap music.

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