Matt Glickman New Debut Live Album ‘Live from Starks, Maine 10.1.22’

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Today marks the highly anticipated release of “Live from Starks, Maine 10.1.22,” the debut live album by the emerging keyboardist, singer, and songwriter, Matt Glickman, in the New England jam scene. Glickman’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by collaborations with Yardbirds members, performances at esteemed venues, invitations to prestigious festivals, and associations with notable artists.

The album, which includes a standout 20-minute solo-acoustic rendition of Phil Lesh’s “Unbroken Chain,” is not just about the music; it’s deeply influenced by Glickman’s personal struggles with mental health, which were exacerbated by the impact of COVID and the tragic loss of his mother in 2020. In this album, Glickman delves deep into his emotions, transforming them into songs that resonate with authenticity and heart.

“Live from Starks, Maine 10.1.22” also features the beautiful vocals of Darby Sabin, known for her work with Grateful Dead members. Glickman’s career has seen him share the stage with renowned artists like Andy Frasco and the U.N., Karina Rykman, and even opening for Grammy-winning artist Kabaka Pyramid.

Glickman’s musical journey began with classical training in NYC, where he immersed himself in a world of art and activism in Greenwich Village. His unique inspirations from spell books, crossroads stories, and deep acoustic jams shine through his work. His formal training at Berklee College of Music and a master class with John Medeski have significantly influenced his unique approach to music.

Critics and fans alike have praised Glickman for his contributions to the jam band community, describing his music as a journey into the heart of jam band music with a twist.

In addition to his album, fans can look forward to Glickman’s participation in the upcoming Yardbirds release, ‘Family Tree II’. His journey in the music world is marked by deeply personal albums, collaborations with renowned artists, and a contribution to the jam scene that remains undeniable.

“Live from Starks, Maine 10.1.22” is a raw and emotional collection of tracks that capture the essence of Glickman’s journey. The live recording adds a theatrical touch to the album, creating great vibes and making it an easy and well-put-together listen. As Glickman’s musical legacy continues to unfold, fans can eagerly await the surprises and musical gems he has in store. Stay tuned for more updates from this emerging star in the New England jam scene.


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