Introducing the Thrilling Single by G. Twilight Ft. Sticky Fingaz

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G. Twilight, the Detroit-based rapper known for his day-in-the-life storytelling style, has just released a new song called “You’s a Low Life” featuring Sticky Fingaz and Ejay Rook. This track is sure to be a hit-hard among those who are fans of his raw and real-life tales of struggle and violence in Detroit’s underworld. Twilight’s songs and delivery are a haunting, echoing reverberation of famous Detroit streetlit author, Donald Goines.

“You’s a Low Life” is a powerful anthem that showcases the struggles and the ruthless mindset of those involved in criminality. In the song, Twilight collaborates with Sticky Fingaz and Ejay Rook to deliver a thought-provoking and emotionally charged track that speaks to these issues. This song builds on themes explored in another song from Twilight’s 2019 mixtape ‘The Detroit Cocaine 80’s’, in which he stated “with drug dealers, come drug robbers.” “You’s a Low Life” takes this idea to the next level, delivering a punchy and impactful message that highlights the harsh, cutthroat nature and thought processes of the stick-up man. Additionally, Twilight’s mentioned of grandfather’s service in The U.S. Navy during World War II.

Twilight’s grandfather, Lawrence Washington Sr., upon seeing combat developed P.T.S.D. and was eventually discharged from service early due to mental health issues. According to various other songs by Twilight, his grandfather returned to his home town Donalds, SC where he was subjugated to Jim Crow laws of the southern states of America. He and Twilight’s grandmother, Doris Washington, later relocated to Detroit, MI where they were redlined to the Black Bottom/Paradise Valley section of town due to racism in the burgeoning city. The familial punchlines add another layer of personal significance to the song. Twilight expresses a sense of love for his grandfather, as well as admiration for his sacrifice, but does not want to emulate and repeat what Twilight feels was a mistake. I consider this ability to convey such a serious message with so few words to be artistry at its finest.

Sticky Fingaz, whose real name is Kirk Jones, is a seasoned rapper and actor best known for his work with the multi-platinum group Onyx and his appearances in films like In Too Deep and Next Friday. His signature lazy eye, raspy voice, and boundless energy add an extra layer of intensity to the track. But Sticky Fingaz is more than just a rapper and actor. He has also written, produced, and directed two films in the genre of “hip hopera” through his production company Major Independents, and released a film called It’s About T.I.M.E., which features a unique format known as a “Digital Album Movie.” In recent years, he has also been active in philanthropy, serving as the President of the Hunger Aid Foundation and opening a holding company called K. Jones & Company, which specialized in branding.

Overall, “You’s a Low Life” is a must-listen for fans of G. Twilight and anyone who appreciates raw, real-life storytelling in their rap music. With its memorable lyrics and impressive performances from all three artists, this song is sure to be a hit for years to come. The explicit version of the song will be featured on the NFT album “Underworld Degen.” The combination of G. Twilight’s gritty tales of life in the Detroit underworld and Sticky Fingaz’s versatility as a rapper, actor, and filmmaker make for a truly unforgettable listening experience. The clean version is available on all major platforms, but the explicit version of the song will be featured on Twilight’s NFT album “Underworld Degen” set for release in 2023. Don’t miss out on this incredible new track from G. Twilight, Sticky Fingaz, and Ejay Rook.

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