Angel Cintron Is In Her Self-Care Era On New EP

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Angel Cintron’s ‘Kissing With Your Eyes Open’ is a 4 track EP that tackles themes of self-care and self-worth with mesmerizing melodies and laid-back grooves. With production credits on 3 tracks, 24K is deep in his pop bag with upbeat strings to compliment Cintron’s smooth vocals. 


24K’s guitar strings strum to Angel’s honest confessions in the intro “Slide” where she separates the ego and soul of a relationship that’s approaching its end. The singer tries to find excuses for this behavior but ultimately chooses herself this time. Cintron is done believing her twisted love interest is a good person deep down inside and can no longer accept their inexcusable actions. This eye-opening situation has helped her learn what she definitely doesn’t want for herself. Standing her ground with a heart full of gold, she lets them down gently.


Maintaining a social media presence with an ever-growing following can be exhausting. The songwriter pens her carefree emotions as she chooses a chill day, free from the metaverse on the second track “August”.  Angelic vocals echo in the background, politely stating that she’ll be taking a break from pleasing people for the day. 

In her most recent TopView Tuesday interview, the songstress states,

“We do have that pressure to always be on, always be productive, and always show we’re making strides in our success. Like I said before, I don’t think that pressure ever leaves — Especially as an independent artist and overthinker, but I think I’ve gotten a lot better at being real. 

Social media, to me, is like a completely different universe that you have to be present in and give yourself to. Now, if I need a couple of days to have to myself, catch up in real life, and to exist, then that’s okay. I’m not saying I don’t feel guilty for it, but I’m getting a lot better at allowing myself to exist in the real world and not beat myself up for it.”

Dance For Me

Angel opens up on “Dance For Me” about the struggles of long-distance love. Deciding to leave her hometown in Texas to follow her dreams came with a ton of sacrifice. Even though the distance is far, she holds them close to her heart and serenades her reassurance on the pop anthem of the project. The song humanizes the LA-based singer proving that nothing comes easy but she’ll make time for the people she truly cares about.


Outro “Wonder” sets standards for women around the world. All the good energy Cintron has pumped into the universe has finally reciprocated back to her in a physical form that tends to her love languages. The songwriter states her tunnel vision towards her ideal partner with some of the reasons why they’re able to make her feel special from thousands of miles away. Showcasing her passion and impressive range, Angel Cintron closes out this project with ethereal vocals and a strong dedication to her special someone.

Learning Her Self-Worth Through Self Care

Shedding dead weight and focusing on herself brought nothing but happiness to the singer in the end. Angel takes pride in her realness and her mature lyrics show she’s unafraid to express herself, no matter how it makes others feel. Taking advantage of her growing platform to make music that is true to her potentially helps others facing the same situations she is in. These songs are meant to be sung loudly in front of your bedroom mirror. Between her streetwear-chic outfits, insane vocals, and huge support system,  Angel Cintron is a real-life Cheetah Girl. 

Stream the project here and dance along with her:

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