Yao Ming, The New Single Creating a Frenzy in Boston

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Who is Doobie 83?

Boston-born rapper Doobie 83 first came on my radar earlier this year. His drill remix of Kanye West’s Violent Crimes caught my attention. The single titled “Ayo Cig”, was something I hadn’t heard done before, a musical masterpiece mixed with the up-and-coming drill sound of Boston. This put Doobie 83 on the radar for me, someone to watch out for, a guy I would consider being able to do it once, but could he do it again?

Yao Ming Video Review

The stunning visuals created by videographer Santos Visions were nothing short of incredible. A collection of inspiring and humbling moments over the past few months mixed with curated scenes of Doobie and his cars. The music video has incredible VFX work and some awesome sound effects as well. The track is perfect for this style of music video, and it showcases Doobie’s raw ability to work a camera.

The limited scenes show how raw the song is and allows for the lyrics to be heard and not distracted by complex visuals. However, opening with Doobie’s most recent performance was in my opinion the best introduction to the music video. A collection of great style choices paired with raw vocals is what makes this music video an instant classic in my book.

What’s Next for Doobie 83?

As for what’s next for Doobie 83 it couldn’t be clearer, he’s set to release a project on December 9th titled “MPO” or Motivational Purposes Only. He’s been teasing this project over the past couple of months, but the official announcement just came on November 2nd. The project features this single Yao Ming, as well as a plethora of other songs like Rags to Riches and Deserved It.

This project is set to answer the question for me, “Can he do it again?”, with lots of motion already behind him I’m sure the answer to that question will be yes. However, until the project comes out we have to wait and anticipate the outcome. Who knew this artist from Boston would be selling out shows and rolling out his project in such a successful way? I can’t wait to hear more, but until then I’ll be following Doobie 83’s every step and supporting him along the way.

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