Here’s How Swamp Kings Could Be Better

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My honest review of “Swamp Kings” is not overly positive. This docu-series is all about the  Florida Gators seasons from ’05 to ’09 under Head Coach Urban Meyer’s watch. But here’s the kicker – they skipped over some of the juiciest bits that made that era legendary. And you know what clued me in? Urban Meyer himself is all in on this Netflix series. There was no way Meyer would willingly unveil the deep dark secrets of that time. But that was the selling factor for this series. So with that being said, this is how I would change it to properly cater to what the people wanted. 


The Mysterious Case of Aaron Hernandez

Okay, they practically blink and you miss Aaron Hernandez. He’s like a shadow in the background, except for that one time Tim Tebow kind of hinted at a bar fight in ’07 involving him. But that’s it. Hernandez went from Gators star to straight-up murderer three years after leaving UF. That’s a wild trajectory that deserved a lot more exploration. I’d have loved to hear more from his former teammates and coaches, especially considering the dark path he’d take later on.

Source: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Cam Newton Deserves the Hype

Cam freakin’ Newton, man. He is one of the biggest college football legends of the 21st century, and they barely give him a nod. Not only was he a beast on the field, but that whole laptop saga? Classic college drama. He gets hit with felony charges, gets booted from the team, and bounces out. You can’t just breeze over that kind of chaos. It’s a crucial chapter in the Gator’s story.

Source: Jon M. Fletcher. Florida-Times Union 

Trouble Twins: The Pounceys

Maurkice and Mike Pouncey, these twins rooming with Hernandez to be his positive influence, end up being drama magnets themselves. Bullying controversies, nightclub antics – these dudes were like walking trouble. They’ve got a rap sheet that’s no joke, almost on par with Hernandez’s. Bringing them into the spotlight could’ve added a whole new dimension to “Swamp Kings.”

But wait, there’s more. They left out a whole bunch of scandals: Carlos Dunlap’s DUI before the ’09 SEC championship, Urban Meyer’s run-in with a reporter, and Cam Newton never getting his ’08 championship ring? 

And here’s the kicker: Why not hear from the folks on the sidelines – former students, coaches, and parents? I mean, you would think it would be important to get the lowdown from people who were right there, not just on the field but soaking in the whole team culture and campus scene.

Final take: “Swamp Kings” nails it on the football front, but they fumble big time when it comes to the off-field rollercoaster that defined the Urban Meyer era. Don’t get me wrong, the series serves up some cool moments, but they dropped the ball on the real stories we were craving. “Swamp Kings” had the potential, but it could’ve served up way more than what we got. 


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