Art By Fitz’s Hidden Creative Process Behind Occ Taee’s Special ‘Bed Time’ Artwork

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Art By Fitz Credit: Jay Goldz

Creating a cover is an essential part of the music industry, as it can attract new fans and serve as a visual representation of the artist’s work. Art By Fitz, the designer behind the cover of Occ Taee’s “Bed Time” single, understood the importance of capturing the essence of the music while adding his own creative touch. Fitz’s process for creating the “Bed Time” album cover shows the importance of the creative process, the role of inspiration, and the need for a personal touch.

The first step in creating the “Bed Time” cover was to listen to the song. Fitz broke down the aspects they wanted to show in the design and examined the book cover of “Good Night Moon,” which inspired the cover. Fitz took what made the design of the book cover strong and added a twist to it. Fitz said, “The goal was to stay true to the inspiration and create a design that represented both the childlike essence of the book and the hip-hop story of the single.”

Top View, the management agency that released the single, gave Fitz free reign to create the cover. The only condition was that the message was clear and that the cover was “fire”. Fitz added modern elements to the design to signify that it’s bedtime and that Occ Taee isn’t alone. The parties in the design were added to make sure people knew that Occ Taee wasn’t alone and that the single was meant for a fun night.

One of the biggest challenges Fitz faced was making sure the cover looked like Occ Taee. Fitz used as many photos as he could find and made sure to have fun with the design. Fitz’s favorite part of the design process was the background composition, which he thoroughly enjoyed designing.

Fitz’s advice for aspiring album cover designers is to stay versatile and always work on their craft. Fitz also emphasized the importance of patience when working with artists, as it is a collaborative process that requires time and dedication. Fitz’s personal touch and creativity were crucial in creating a design that represented the single’s themes and captured Occ Taee’s unique personality and style.

In conclusion, creating a cover is a crucial part of the music industry. Art By Fitz’s process for creating the “Bed Time” cover showcased the importance of inspiration, creativity, and personal touch. The cover not only captures the essence of the music but also represents Occ Taee’s unique style and personality. By staying versatile and always working on his craft, Fitz was able to create a design that will serve as a visual representation of Occ Taee’s work for years to come.

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